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Why did I get denied from Georgia Tech?

I am an in-state student and a girl, mixed race - Hispanic and white.

Grades: CNA of a 95.3, class rank 42/569, GT GPA of 4.06. 7 honors classes and 9 AP classes



h. BIO 99/99

H. LIT 96/97

H. GEO 101/99

span 2 92/93

gov 95


H. chem 97/93

H. lit 93/97

H. alg 2 95/95

AP world 99/98

span 3 91/93


AP USH 89/93

AP BIO 92/92


AP Lang 90/95

H. Precal 87/95

span 4 91/92

12th grade schedule/grade

AP cal AB 92

AP psychology 90

AP Lit 88

AP Physics 88

Human Anatomy 93



math: 760

CR: 700

Writing: 690


Math: 34

English/writing: 33

Science 32

Reading: 31


It was good, I got my AP Lit teacher to grade it and she gave me a 93 (she rarely gives A's).


top 4 clubs

Student council- President all 4 years

environmental club- Founded, president last 2 years

NHS- Secretary. Tutor kids in Math and Science

Debate- Member all 4 years, won around 34 awards. 1 national


Chorus all 4 years

made all state, Acda ( national chorus), district honors, and GHP in chorus (state)


Varsity Track- all 4 years, captain last year and this year. Lettered 3 times

Varsity Cross Country- all 4 year. lettered 2 times

dance (community - heavily involved, many recitals, few solos)


library (30 hours)

Hospital (60 hours)

Habitat for Humanity (20 hours)


none...:( haven't had time or inclination but I figured i did enough.


but I'm above the 50% range in both GPA and SAT/ACT range, and my extracurriculars are above average.

Update 2:

Didn't have to submit a recommendation letter, so didn't.

Update 3:

Plus, It's going to be harder to get A's in AP classes than in honors, if they think that is an issue, then they obviously have forgotten how school is.

Update 4:

I'm hoping that I get accepted to UGA honors, so unless something horrible happens, I'll probably go there.

Update 5:

no, they consider 90+ to be an A. that's how the calculate their GPAs.

Update 6:

i mean, i know people with lower SAT and GPA/ lower class rank who got in early (this year), so it really doesn't make sense

Update 7:

Carnegie-Mellon? i just looked up their stats. wow, GA tech denied me for some reason and their stats are lower than Carnegie-Mellon. really? and you're going to tell me that they are likely to me a scholarship.

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    The only aspect of your record that I can see as a possible problem is the very slight decline in your grades over the course of high school. Most universities consider 92 to be the highest B grade in high school and your having seven B grades in the junior year was not attractive for Georgia Tech.

    Another possibility might be a letter of recommendation which mentioned a problem.

    Georgia Tech is the fourth best undergraduate university for engineering and denies admission to some students with outstanding records.

    If you have not applied to enough other schools, consider Carnegie-Mellon University which ranks tied for eighth in the nation for undergraduate engineering and is quite generous with financial aid.

    **A careful look at the second source below will show that Carnegie-Mellon admits proportionately more students with lower GPAs than does Georgia Tech. Scholarships are based on need. I do not know your need, but I mentioned the issue as there is a great difference in tuition fees between Carnegie-Mellon's fee and Georgia Tech's in state fee.**

    Source(s): US News college edition Sept. 2010
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    4 years ago

    Georgia Tech Early Admission

  • 1 decade ago

    Very strong credentials - I don't get it either.

    Contact the Admissions Office and ask about filing an appeal.

    Meanwhile, where else did you apply? Sign on with one of them and think about a Sophomore year transfer.

    You might want to apply to one of the military service academies - Excellent education and guaranteed management position when you graduate.

  • Marbie
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    1 decade ago

    Your credentials are good, but unfortunately good credentials don't guarantee acceptance. There are simply so many students with good credentials applying they will have to turn some down. Sorry!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because they're idiots. You sound super smart and cool.

    Maybe there was a hell lot of competition this year. Try applying for the next semester, maybe they'll like your determination. Good luck=)

    p.s since your essay's brilliant, would you mind reading mine=/;_ylt=AuA5b...

  • 1 decade ago

    cause you weren't good enough...

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