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Danny Woodhead, Matt Forte, or Keiland Williams?

Please pick one

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    Matt F. has been streaky all year. He seems to play great one week and then stink the next week. When the Bears get more consistency with him then I think he's a solid start, but right now I'd keep him on the bench until he proves himself week in and week out.

    Danny W. They are playing the early game today and if you don't mind a guy playing on a Thursday I think he is a good pick. The Lions are...well the Lions. I expect him to find the end zone and have a solid game today. Should get you double digit fantasy points. He seems to catch the ball out of the backfield a lot and run it in on third downs when Ben J. G. E is resting on the sidelines.

    K. Williams - He's a good pick as well and playing a Vikings defense that isn't that great. The Vikings defense is on the field a lot because Brett F. keeps turning the ball over and so they get tired easily. Williams should get all the carries and be a good pick to start if you go with him.

    I like Danny W. over the other two because of the match up against the Lions and how dangerous the Patriots are right now. They beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh and are coming off a big win against the Colts, the Lions should be a breeze.


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