Tattoo scabbing on second day?

I got my tattoo around thirty-one hours ago, and there is a light scab that has formed. I noticed when I washed it that the inked skin was raised and slightly rougher than the skin around it. The tattoo is on the nape of my neck and is solid black. I've been following the artist's instructions to a T, washing to 2-3 times a day with antibacterial soap, and he said not to apply any type of ointment, and that I shouldn't apply lotion until the third day. Even though I've read a lot of things to the contrary, I decided to follow his instructions as he's the professional and it is a very reputable shop, and in his portfolio all his work was very nice and looked well healed.

However, he said it shouldn't start scabbing until the fourth or fifth day. Is it bad that it's happening so early on? Does that mean I'm healing faster, or slower than normal?

It's not a bad scab, and the tattoo looks deep black and normal, with no redness, or leaking. But the skin is definitely rougher and more raised than it was a few hours ago.

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    10 years ago
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    Scabbing is perfectly normal, everyone reacts differently to a new tattoo, as already stated in the above answers never pick the scab, don't over moisturize, a small amount of non scented alcohol free cream should be fine every now and then for the first week, keep the tattoo dry although you can dab it with a warm cloth and then again after with a cold cloth, the warm to clean it, the cold to make sure the pores close again (this can also help with itching, although some people gently slap the tattoo on these occasions too). You can expect upwards of 2 weeks before the tattoo really starts to look healed, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, as i said, we all react slightly differently. If the area around the tattoo starts to burn (not get warm but burn) then see the tattooist or your doctor for advice.

    Source(s): My own research (many hours worth), and advice from tattoo artists.
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    5 years ago

    First off, you shouldn't have started putting lotion on it the first day. A&D is the best thing to use. My advice, and basically the instructions I've gotten for all 13 of my tattoos: 1. Leave the wrap on for at least 4 hours, but no more than 12. 2. After you take the wrap off, wash your hands, then use a soft soap, like Dial to gentle wash your tattoo. Use VERY gentle circular motions. 3. After you wash it, let it air dry for 20-30 mins. 4. Apply a VERY VERY light coat of A&D. Do that a few times a day for the first 3 days. After those first 3 days, use a NON-SCENTED lotion like Lubriderm or use Palmer's Cocoa Butter. If you follow these directions, the tattoo should hardly scab and the colors will remain looking good. But also be advised that some colors, like red, green, pink and blues will fade. ....There are also products like Tattoo goo that are made specifically to take care of tattoos from start to finish....

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    10 years ago

    My tattoo artist told me I should be using lotion from the start, and I got two tattoos from him. Mine started scabbing on the second day for my wrist tattoo, and on the third day for my back.

    Perhaps it's scabbing sooner because your skin is thinner there?

    I'm really suprised he told you to wait on the lotion, the scabbing made my tattoo unbearably dry-

    perhaps you should give him a call.

    Whatever you do though- don't pick the scab (I did because my scab wouldn't stop rubbing off on the dress that I was wearing for a wedding!) it will blur your tattoo.

    Source(s): Experience
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    I have 6 tattoos and I have never scabbed. I think you are washing it to much. Once a day is enough and keep ointment on it. Water is actually drying as is soap so your tat could be drying out. Don't pick the scabs or it could mess up your ink.

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  • 10 years ago

    Its totally supposed to scab. It's part of the healing process. Just continue to follow the cleaning directions and use lotion. Also; DO NOT pick the scab.

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    start using ointment at the very latest tomoro, if he dodnt give you any, use a&d or tattoo goo. mine scabbed the same day so it should be fine, it sorta feels like thread, but do not pick or rub at it!! the ink will not stay if if u do that! it should last a wk or two! good luck

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    Scabing is normal i have 3 tats. the first one scabbed after 4 days but my last one scabbed the next day it all depends on your body and the location of the tat. BUT DO NOT USE NEOSPORN IT DRIES OUT YOUR COLOR. just use ointment

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    Your tattoo is fine. The tattoo artist should have warned you about this when you got it. One thing you mght want to do is put neosporin on it. That's what I did and it speeds up the entire process.

    Just keep it moisturized. Trust me.

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    its scabbing. it isnt anything to be worried about. ur just healing faster than usual.

  • 10 years ago

    its supposed to scab, remember to use the lotion.

    Source(s): I have a tattoo
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