When it comes to nuclear power I haven't heard anyone connect the dots?

to North Korea's surprise advancement in centrifuge technologies. Certainly this would mean Iran is at least as far along, since they share and rename weaponry. What now?

Update 2:

Repectfully submitted for the gentleman who thinks I may be playing with the wrong set of dots. Your intelligent answer can be better posited.


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    1 decade ago
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    No, sir, you got that wrong: Iran, unlike NKorea, has not tested a nuclear explosion. NKorea is known for testing a few nuclear weapons underground.

    Iran has never, NEVER, done that, and Iran is also a signatory to the IAEA which allows nuclear inspectors to constantly check Iran's nuclear reactors.

    It's amazing how the pro-Israeli forces in the US can make an enemy of anyone they want by simply making an accusation even if the accusation has no basis whatsoever. It's high time for Americans to wise up and stop being led by the nose by the Israelis who're sucking money and weapons from the US for no good reason than to enrich itself.

    Look what happened in Iraq: Accused of having WMDs by Israel and the US with the entire government and the entire mass media falling for it. The US then invaded Iraq losing in the process over 4500 young American lives only to find no WMDs whatsoever in that country.

    Americans need to grow a pair and stop kissing so much Israeli behind.

  • Pete T
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe you are playing with a different set of dots.

  • 1 decade ago

    Might want to look into a fallout shelter.

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