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what movie should i watch? megamind or tangled?

4 thanksgiving


im 14 if it helps... only answer if u hav seen both

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    MEGAMIND! :3 Idk about Tangled, I haven't seen it. But I saw Megamind and it was pretty awesome :)

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    Both. Watch Megamind then sneek into Tangled. I'm watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Again;)

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    Depends. I just saw tangled and i thought it was really funny and cute and it was actually a lot better then i thought it was. Megamind i didn't see but it depends on how old, gender, and who you are going with. Little kids I would see tangled. Well actually i'm 14 and i loved it :) really really good movie

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    Tangled. It looks really cute, and the animators used the actual expression of the voice actors in the characters :)

    Source(s): Ytv (lol)
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well i would say megamind but its mostly your dicisicion.

  • 4 years ago

    I have seen both, and Megamind is better.

    For one thing it is funnier,

    Jonah Hill is hilarious in the movie.

    Here is one line from his character.

    "Is this a Robbery? Cause the lady accross the hall has way better stuff."

    It also has a good message delivered in a powerful way.

    Tangled pales in comparison to Megamind, but as far as Tangled is concerned, spoiler alert

    it is the story of Repunzel.

    I grew to like the Princess/Repunzel character who seems pretty sweet.

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