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8th grade Science Fair Project Ideas PLZ!!!?

I need to do a science fair project and I need some ideas. It needs to be environmental or life science. Plz give me some ideas.

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    Try VOLCANIC ERUPTION.Or maybe kidney dialysis.I did that back in school and it turned out to be pretty impressive.

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    BP Oil Spill--> What are some ways that you could clean up the oil spill

    For this just have a fake oil spill and use different methods/ materials to try to suck it up

    Candy Crystals--> Grow your own crystals at home... (:

    There are many crystal growing kits around, Use them to make a crystal.. or as the candy part implys, make rock sugar candy (instuctables has a cool recipe for this)

    Errosion Control--> Stop soil form going to the sea!

    All you need to do here is find a way to control the amount of soil wind/ water can carry. To start you off, you could plant trees.

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    When I was your age, I competed in the Science Olympics and one of the areas to compete in is music! We had to choose an instrument and explain why and how it makes the sound that it does. Since this is a passion of yours, definitely use it to your advantage and do a project on it. Maybe you can explain why and how different instruments from each category work: Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion. You may even make your own examples for people to experiment with. I think it will be fun!

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    make a little minature house and grow plants in it using a lap powered by a solar pannel, water it and take pictures week by week to show its progress, :)

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