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easy and fast recital hair styles?

i have a solo this year in my recital and i only have a one number change that is only about a minute long. I would like to have something that is unique and will really stand out as elegant. My solo is a lyrical/contemporary dance and is to love remains the same by Gavin Rossdale. My hair is curly, blond, and falls at about an inch past my shoulders. Up and down styles will work, but remember, it has to be fast! Thanks!

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    What about a mini pony tail? You sound like you have gorgeous hair already so down would also be an option. And then maybe a two strip twirl bun. It could be low and would take little time. First start by making a low pony and then dividing it into two separate sections. Then, take one at a time and swirl and pin until there is no more hair. It sounds crazy, but when you are doing your hair in a rush, it helps to have a hair net of your color. Just put it over your bun and you will be good to go. You can find these at any drug stores made specifically by hair companies and they will make sure there are absolutely no fly away strands of hair. Good luck! Hope this helped!

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    i do the comparable situation. yet in the summertime I pull it up on surprising my head and prefer the final time you pull it by dont pull it by each of how. and characteristic a bun finding situation then on the two components pull it over on the factor of your head. lots of the folk in my grade do this. it incredibly is fairly wonderful and then in the journey that your ears are pierced evidently remarkable with a pair of hoops and it in straight forward terms takes a question of like 2 minutes. :)

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