Asian Women Is There Any Reason Beyond The Unknown Why You Would Or Would Not Date A Black Man?

We know the stereotypes for Asians and Blacks alike. Each has their own, and each is not indicative of the races in general. Believe it or not the vast majority of Black men are educated, out of jail, and productive citizens. The vast majority do not sell crack or behave as abusive bad boys.

The following questions are for the Asian women who are open to interracial dating but have not considered Black men. The stereotypes however, are strong do they effect your decision to date Black men or is it access to them? Does family play a role? If you do date or would consider Black men what reason do you think other Asian women would consider or choose not to date Black men?

I know some are gonna say preference and that is true we all have a preference for certain things. But just cause John is Black and likes fish does not mean Mike must also like fish because he is Black. I sometimes feel people think colored folks of all races all think and act the same, with the same desires and love interests. I do not think it is a crazy idea that while Hong likes White men, Lifen might like brown men, and Jia might have a thing for Black men.

So my question is for the other huge number of Asian women who date interracial why would you qualify or disqualify a Black man. Besides Whites are there any other races you would consider dating if not Black men?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I think its more of the family issues. The majority of asian females will date within their race just like any race. The ones that WILL date outside of their race, will typically only date white guys. I am in a relationship with a Japanese girl. We love each other a lot, but her family does not support her dating a black man. She has practically been disowned. Her family has cut all ties with her. I do not fit the stereotype. My clothes don't sag, I speak in proper, understandable english (I'm not white washed damn it, it is just the way I was raised to speak!), and I'm currently in college studying chemical engineering. The reaction would probably be totally different if I were white. So it probably isn't the girls, but the parents/family. I heard that Black men seem to have more luck in actual asian countries (NOT SOUTH KOREA!) as opposed to in America. I know several black men living places like Japan, China, and Thailand not having any problems at all dating. Their families probably feel the same way about the situation, but they seem more willing to do what they want to do regardless of what their family thinks. I also here that a lot Canadian asians are also more willing to date black men, probably the blasian capital of the world. It seems to be an American thing. My family has just about everything mixed in the bloodline except asian blood. I'm going to change that. =)

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    You sound like you need some guidance. So I'm going to answer this question.

    I'm going to answer truthfully and honestly, because it sounds like you really want a legit answer.

    Family is definitely a major factor. Especially asians raised by fob parents. They have all these values about "honor" and blah blah blah. And I hate to tell you, but sterotypes are considered facts. Personally, I know there are both good and bad black people similar to good and bad white people. But I honestly have no idea how asian parents think. But yes, this is a ridiculously major factor.

    Another thing is the essence of the offspring. How often do you see a half asian half black baby? This goes back to the family thing. The grandchildren are practically the most cherished people in a family. Members of an asian family will tell you right out whether or not they think the kid is just downright ugly or looks like an angel.

    Once again, I don't agree with how these people think. But I was born into an asian family...

    Hopes this helps..

  • 10 years ago

    There's two main reasons.

    First reason is socioeconomic differences that affect the areas and schools the two races attend. Blacks usually live in poorer areas, while Asians live in more middle class areas, and the same thing goes for school, so actually in general there isn't much opportunity for the two races to mix with each other, socialize or make friends, forget about having relationships.

    Second reason is that generally Asians do not find black people sexually attractive. They might think a black person is good looking (e.g. Tyson Beckford), but they are not sexually attracted to them in the sense they would want to have sex with black people, and so obviously that stops Asian women from wanting to have a relationship with black men.

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    4 years ago

    My answer is going to be long but it's worth reading if you want to know why. Hi, I know how does it feel to like Asian people but their parents are in the way. Well, some Asian parents are too OLD G for us Asians of the new era. OLD G as in only wanting their kids to marry the same nationality because even though it's not ASIA, they're still cultural. It's that, some Asian people are scared of their parents and so they go off heartbroken and find a girl that they're forced to marry. You could try to tell James to secretly date you. Ok, since you want to know, I'll tell you what OLD G Asian parents think of White, Black, and Hispanic people. They all think that all girls that aren't Asian are lazy. White Peope = OLD G Asian parents think that White girls are always gonna divorce and keep the a child for free CHILD SUPPORT MONEY. They think that White girls are lazy. Black People = OLD G Asian parents think that African American Girls are party people and will use their husband for money. Hispanic People = OLD G Asian parents think that they have the same attitude as Black Girls. Asian Girls = OLD G Asian parents think that Asian Girls of the same nationality are eager, slaves, and do whatever their husbands tell them to do.

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  • 10 years ago

    As a White man i wonder what the fascination is with Asian women. I find them extremely uattractive. They're also golddigers looking for status. Just my opinion.

    Also i laugh whsen i see Asians waffle on about how civilized they are. The Yakuza & Triads are two of the biggest GANGS in the world. God knows how many millions of murders they've commited.

    Yet again that's just my opinion.

  • 10 years ago

    I would date a black guy. But I would not date a "thuggish streetwalker" guy of any race that can't speak proper English. I have only met one black guy in my whole life that had all of this that I found physically attractive.

    However...I don't find white guys attractive at all...

    But I can't think about any of this, my boyfriend is Korean xD

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Being a black man, this kills me hearing someone of my race, crying and inquiry why another race don't have an attraction to them.

    Look, some date black men and some don't.

  • 10 years ago

    Asian chicks date people for money and status just like white women do.

  • 10 years ago

    Ha, it would be cool if I had an asian girlfriend.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I have seen plenty of couples like that

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