Elvis Presley vs Michael Jackson?

who do you think is a better musician Elvis presley or michael jackson

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  • 9 years ago
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    They're both icons. And Michael Jackson respected Elvis, sorry MJ fans, your idol doesn't approve of your insulting Elvis.

    Anyway, it depends on what you mean, better as in a personal opinion of based on records sales ect?

    Elvis Feats:

    Is in four Hall of Fames ( Rockabilly, Country, Gospel and Rock N'Roll)

    Has had more 100 top billboard hits ( at 108) then anyone else.

    Has had more top 40 billboard hits then anyone else.

    Has had one of the most #1 hits on the Billboards top 100 ( 17 - 18)

    Has sold more then 1 billion records ( the higher estimates are at 1.4)

    Received 3 Grammies and the Lifetime achievement award.

    Is credited with the 1st music video 'Jailhouse Rock.'

    His "Aloha from Hawaii" special was the most watched in TV history by a solo artist.

    Michael Jackson Feats:

    The Moonwalk

    Revolutionized the music video world.

    Inducted into the Dancers Hall of Fame and the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame ... TWICE. He was also inducted both the Vocalist Hall of Fame and the Songwritters Hall of Fame.

    Sold over 750 million records.

    Thriller, his album, has sold more then any other single album. It has sales of over 100 million.

    Recieved 13 grammies and the Legend and Lifetime Achievement awards.

    Recieved the World's Music Award

    Recieved 'America's Music Award also.'

    Both Elvis and Michael Jackson were generous. Both donated sums to money. Both were accused of lies ( Elvis was claimed to be racist and a thief ... he was neither. His racial slur never happened as he wasn't in the area of Boston when he was 'interviewed.' He also has creditted African Americans as being his inspiration for music. MJ also never molasted children. The court was full of BS.)

    But, to answer your plain question, Elvis Presley. He acutally new several insturments ( you said musician, not singer-songwritter, the latter would be an MJ victory by far.) unlike Michael Jackson.

    Source(s): Me, Elvis on wiki, MJ on wiki.
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    9 years ago

    Michael Jackson

  • 9 years ago

    Michael Jackson.

  • 9 years ago

    Michael Jackson.

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  • 9 years ago

    Elvis Presley

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can't compare two such great icons. They came from two very different musical eras.

    If MJ had been around in the 1950s as an artist, I doubt he would have got very far. Not saying because he was black, but the technology wasn't advanced and he relied so much on it in his career.

    MJ created more of his own music, but in the 1950s people weren't expected to write their own songs, that was something that started with Dylan and Beatles.

    As dancers, MJ obviously knew a lot more but Elvis helped make dance beats popular. MJ's crotch grab was an update of Elvis's pelvic thrusts.

    Vocally, Elvis had a more powerful voice. You only have to watch his American Trilogy, I doubt MJ would've been able to pull that off.

    You could see a little of all the previous icons in MJ, he used them as his own idols. Elvis and MJ were both quite flamboyant and larger than life as entertainers. They both had an enormous influence on popular culture. It's really impossible to choose one over the other. So much of modern music started with Elvis and was built on by others. Even though I'm not a big fan personally of either.

  • 9 years ago

    they both are amazing musicians its hard to choose they're both legends they both have great dance moves and great music. love em both, too hard to pick one.

    oh and nobody's perfect we all make mistakes in our lives , some are more horrible than others but i dont look at what they did im looking at how they were both great musicians , i love music and i honestly dont care about their personal lives i dont judge anyone. they made lots of money and got lots of awards for showing their talent to the world.

    R.I.P Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson

  • 9 years ago

    Michael Jackson, because Elvis stole all of his songs from other people, and he was never original like the Greatest entertainer ever Michael Jackson!!!!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Why on earth does there have to be a "Vrs" ??? Why cant people appreciate the both of them ???

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Elvis Presley

    jackson asshole pervert

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