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Is Alice in Wonderland based from truth?

Like was Alice an actual person?

Was she based on an actual person?

Was Wonderland just a very twisted and genius mans lucid dream?

Like Robin Hood we in the modern age kind of blur the lines of what was a story and what was a myth.

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    Alice was a child friend of the author Charles Dodgson. Her name was Alice Liddell. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Liddell and http://www.google.ca/images?q=Alice+liddell&oe=utf... .

    On July 4, 1862, Charles Dodgson took a trip in a rowboat on the Thames with the Reverend Robinson Duckworth and Alice and her two sisters, and told them a nonsense, dream-story about a girl named Alice. The story was similar to others which he had told previously, but this time Alice asked that Dodgson write it down for her.

    Dodgson produced the manuscript form of the story two years later, in November. See http://www.hoboes.com/FireBlade/Fiction/Carroll/Al... and http://www.the-office.com/bedtime-story/aliceunder... . The final published version was very much expanded.

    There seems no reason to believe that Dodgson indulged in recreational drugs, and certainly not when out on a pleasure trip with a friend and three children. The drug legend is a silly modern invention for which there is no evidence at all. The story was told when Dodgson was very wide awake and was not his dream at all.

    The modern age is not the only era when people who claim to be speculating are mostly making it all up.

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    look, lower back in 1865 there change into no such element as lsd, and for my area it wasn't opium both. the author of Alice in Wonderland change into maximum probable inspired via a mushroom vacation. Psychedelic shrooms were contemporary in the international because in the previous human beings. And "wonderland" sounds alot like a shroom adventure

  • There was a girl called alice, who the book is dedicated to - she looked like the description of Alice.

    It was probably based on some dream/daydream of the author.

    I think its more of a fairytale/story than a myth.


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    Alice was a real little girl. And she did sometimes go on picnics with the author.

    That's as far as the truth basis goes.

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    I agree with Benjie... Lewis Carroll and John Tenniel were on a acid trip and they had great hallucination...

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    It was based on an acid trip.

    Acid trips are far from reality.

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