What are some reasons Ford Motor Company helped out in the war?

Why did Ford participate in wars by providing vechiles and other things?

The person with the most reasons gets the best answer vote.

Sample reasons include:

-To make money

-To serve their nation

What other reasons do you know for Ford Motor Company being involved in wars. Did any nations force Ford to help during any war. All reasons help and remember the person with the most unique and plentiful reasons gets the 10 points.

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  • Pooter
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    9 years ago
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    Mercedes made ovens in WW2 for the Germans and survive to this day. I don't know why they would do that unless they believed in the cause or made money doing it.

    American automakers provided war materials for the British under the lend-lease program, so it did bring a lot of money into the country. When the US was attacked by the Japanese government contracts went out, and manufacters took them the same way contractors make bullet proof vests or Humvees now.

    While WW2 nearly caused the country to go broke plenty of people in defense still made money, but a lot of it came from war bonds. Nowadays, defense contractors make tons of money, but its paid for by loans from the Chinese instead of Americans investing money from their own pockets. Money is money to corporations.

    Henry Ford hated the Jewish people, but he was long gone before the war. Had he been there and refused to produce war materials Ford would have been confiscated by the government to supply war materials, and Henry would have been unemployed if not jailed. I doubt very seriously Ford would have access to raw material if they weren't in the war business and the scarcity of money, rubber, gasoline, and a host of other reasons would mean they wouldn't likely sell any cars anyway.

    Patriotism would take care of the rest.

    Source(s): Just my humble opinion.
  • Ed Fox
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    9 years ago

    In a time of war, many companies will pull out all the stops to give whatever assistance is needed. In the UK, London buses were used to carry British soldiers into France. The Ford Motor Company were in a position to assist the nation's war effort and so they did. I don't understand your point about making money. You help your country without worrying about if anyone's paying for the help you are giving. If someone has a heart attack on a flight and they ask for a doctor - does the doctor ask about payment? No, he's a human being, he just helps the fellow human being in distress

  • 3 years ago

    the reply, as you may want to assume change into funds. inspite of the reality that vehicles were (before everything) basically assembled at that plant, the aspects were offered from Ford. Later at the same time as each of the aspects were equipped in the U.S., they were made less than licenses offered from Ford. so a approaches as Ford making vehicles for the Nazis, Henry Ford change right into a large fan of the Nazis, and a said anti-Semite. in case you Google Ford&Nazi, you'll discover images of the Nazi's pinning a medal on Ford for his help of the Nazi reason from the start.

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