I pay 583.00 a month in child support in the state of Arkansas.?

I pay 583.00 a month in child support in the state of Arkansas. I was recently Hospitalized for 4 months. Is it true that I do not have to pay child support for the period in which i was hospitalized.

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    10 years ago
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    Only if you have proof and only if you tell the Court / Judge.

    You have to file the appropriate paperwork.

    Sometimes, it really helps to have other people to relate to - people that are going through the exact same thing that you and your family may be going through.

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    You should contact an attorney. Do not proceed with this process without the advice of an attorney, or you could face severe legal consequences.

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    * The Dads House Forum is for men and women who experience the unfairness of child custody and child support issues.

    * The Guardian ad Litem is charged to represent the best interests of the minor child, which can differ from the position of the state or government agency, as well as the interest of the parent or guardian.

    * The Child Support Calculator helps you determine (by state) what your child support payment might be.

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    I don't know about your state, but in Texas, you have to pay something. You can file forms to get it dropped to a lower amount for the time period you were in the hospital- but you still have to pay something. If you were getting any form of payment (disability, for example), your child support would be based on that amount of income for the timeframe.

    But it will take alot of paperwork to do it. You may be better off working it out with the mother. She should understand you were in the hospital. It will probably be cheaper to work out a payment arrangement with her to pay the back support over time than to hire an attorney to take care of it all. Put it in writing- so it's a legal agreement.

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    at first she would be able to basically carry jointly new child help in one state, that could desire to be the state that did the divorce and new child help order. 2d, has you son ever tried to have the youngster help decreased simply by his concern? If he's no longer working he has no earnings. i'm uncertain if gathering incapacity and social secure practices is considered whilst new child help is figured. got here upon some good examining for you, see hyperlink below. carry the decide something you have from submitting for incapacity, there must be a paper path of the place his money is going and he has each and every real to a receipt or something tellling the place his money is being sent. good success, and could upload you into my prayers.

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    If the mother has enough money to care for them you might get a temporary reduction, especially if the mother is able to work.Talk to the courts. Send copies of your hospital stay.

    Source(s): A very old mother, stepmother, greatgrandmother
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  • 10 years ago

    nope, you have to keep paying. i'm sorry to hear about your medical troubles but you still have to pay.

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