How did Peter get Lois?

Peter Griffin is fat, lazy, and dumb as hell. But Lois is probably the smartest person on the show, and not too hard on the eyes either. So how the hell did Peter pull that off? Also, what's the deal with stewie? I know Brian understands what he's saying, but the rest of the family doesn't seem to. How exactly does that work?

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    10 years ago
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    Lois likes funny guys! So that got peter lots of points. They went to a dance together and that is the night she fell in love with him, that's all I know.

    Stewie is the baby and Brian is the dog so they aren't noticed by other people that much as being Intelligent, but they noticed each other and so those two are friends.(sort of) He is a dog who normally be talking and stewie is a baby who normally shouldn't be talking, so I guess they put those two in their own world.

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    10 years ago

    Peter and lois fell in love young, he was her towel boy! Lol there is a whole episode on it!

    Yeah the stewie thing, no one knows, in one episode at the very end its this classroom in the future and the teacher was like "and thats what life was like in the 20th century" (meaning the entire episode was a lesson for the students) and one guy is like "yeah so can the family nderstand the baby or whats the deal with that?" lol so yeah they totally do the only brian can understand stewie thing on purpose

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