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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 10 years ago

hair help PLEASE HELP?

so i have curly hair thats a little below shoulder lenghth. ive been trying to grow it out for FOREVER. i just have so many dead ends from straightening it every day, because i cant wear it curly because its too short. when i try to go back every six weeks for a cut, it ends up just getting even shorter and doesnt grow back. my mom says i have to just not straighten it for awhile, but i didnt straighten it all summer and it didnt grow at ALL. she says its because of all my dead ends, but WHAT DO I DO

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  • 10 years ago
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    You have too many issues here. Let's take at each one. . .

    1. Curly hair: Your hair is envy from us stick straight haired girls! If you know how to care for your hair type, you won't have this problem. Melina Kanakaredes is an example who has hair like yours and she's got beautiful wavy hair. Shampoo. Condition. Towel dry, scrunch with gel like Samy, blow-dry using a diffuser briefly, toussle the hair, finger comb, shake your head & you're good to go. If you don't have a diffuser, use a blow heat dryer on low for 5 mins.

    When you wake up, instead of shampooing again, keep a bottled water filled with water/conditioner and spray on your hair. Scrunch, finger comb and you're good to go!

    One method to make it look fuller, add body, bouncier, thicker, softer & shiny hair is to set your hair with plastic curlers after you towel dry, you'll end up with uniform balance of curls. Blow dry briefly while curling them in curlers. Take them out, and finger comb to style. Used by the best hair color models, and the fashion industry, like Victoria Secret Fashion Show Dec. 2009, America's Next Top Models, EXPRESS, Dancing with the Stars . . . . and continued to be used today where salons care about pampering your hair. When you see hair on TV a hair color commercial, they're not done by curling or straightening tools. Hair that shines like that and feels like hair, not hay, has to be done by the best hair tools available w/out damaging to the hair. When you take the curlers out, finger comb to style or lightly brush. Tousle the hair up. or shake your hair. You can use large, medium or small curlers, that depends on the length of your hair.

    2. Split Ends: Even healthy hair like mine get split ends, due to hair brushing & styling. Hair protectant doesn't protect hair 100%. Like sunscreen, you still get sunburned. Same with hair, as you've already experienced. Spend 5-10 mins. trimming your hair strand per strand, section by section when the sun is shinning so you'll understand how the hair is split in several places, and not always at the end, even somewhere in the middle. Do it yourself trim, is the best. Use a 2" folding shears for trimming. Allowing healthier hair to take over. Then 2x a year, get a good trim.

    3. It may grow very slowly or none at all if you've straightened your hair in the past.

    You get the strength & all your vitamins & minerals & proteins FREE from the good foods you eat from Mother Nature, not made by man like John Frieda or GNC, and no shampoo can help grow hair, not even those made for horses. Horses don't abuse their hair, using heating tools, and they eat better than people, but it won't add more hair & make their hair longer faster.Shampoo intended for animals may contain insecticides or other medications for treatment of skin conditions or parasite infestations such as fleas or mange. These must never be used on humans.

    Prenatal vitamins don't make your hair grow. Pregnant women have to start taking care of their bodies when they're pregnant, meaning stop smoking, drinking, dyeing or perming their hair SO OF COURSE their hair start growing again. But it has nothing to do with their hair, it has something to do to help the development of their unborn child.

    Google: "Foods for Healthy Hair" - the website had moved, type it in. Two others also:

    Source(s): I know hair. I have over 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80's & 90's. I've known people in their 30's whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70's.
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  • Rain
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    I got best answer for giving another girl same advice. I'm going to give you a website this product is awesome. My hair is so healthy as is growing long and is very strong and shiny. I have very curly hair and you wouldn't even know it. This product makes your hair feel as if you walked out of a salon. My tips to you for straightening.

    1. Put rosemary in your shampoo bottle it's an herb works to help hair grow you can find it at grocery store. It smells great.

    2. Brush hair out after you take towel off and put this product called Herbal Essences leave in split in protector. You can get this target walgreens cvs walmart.

    3. If you blow dry your hair make sure you use a Heat Tamer Spray, TreSemme is really good i love this product it minimizez heat damage when you put the hot iron to your hair. Protecting it.

    4. Hair Pills for hair take 3 times a day vitamins to help hair grow strong puts vitamins in it.

    Hope you love your new hair like i love mine.

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  • 10 years ago

    ok 1 your mom is right lay off the flat iron for a week or so. (i would put it up in a pony or somethin if oyu dont like it.) 2-if your dead ends are not extreamly long cut them. 3-if you do cut them but dont like the length ask somebody to buy you extensions. 4-DEEP CONDITON your hair!! if its that bad i would do it at least twice a week. 5-buy flat iron hair products to prtect your hair!!!!!!!!! you MUST DO THIS! (i do it and it keeps my hair helthy beacuse i flat iron my hair every day to :) <3 ) buy flat iron spray, special hair shampo and conditon, when your hair is wet there is a product you can put in also to keep your hair safe. i use some products to. AFTER this you should be safe to flat iron your hair agian! my mom is a hair dresser so i no A LOT about hair (espically flat ironing) i would trust me if i were you. your hair should grow good after that also. if not look stuff up on the internet, go to a hair salon and ask them questions.

    Source(s): ME, MY MOM, INTERNET!!!
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  • renner
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I truthfully have dark brown thick hair clearly. while that's dark brown it seems healthful, vibrant, and sounds like I truthfully have much less hair & thinner. Thats only an phantasm, sort of like once you placed on black clothing, you seem thinner. as quickly as I get relatively blonde highlights throughout, it seems relatively thick, broken, and sounds like I truthfully have a ton of hair and you'd be able to make certain each and every layer and attitude. one million.) dark brown skinny hair doesnt seem undesirable. 2.) dark hair wont relatively make your hair seem thicker in case you have skinny hair first of all. There are alot of goods available to make your hair seem extra volumized which includes shampoos. additionally determine you're taking a diet time-honored and eat suitable nutrition. Your hair gets in good shape.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    OMG, im in the same boatttt!!!!!

    jeez, so ive started using this stuff called mane and tail.

    some of my friends have been using it.

    sooo, maybe it'll workk. who knows.

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