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What are the differences between the schools: Make-up Designory (MUD) and Joe Blasco Cosmetics?

I really want to attend a school do become a make-up artist. I am interested in doing prosthetics, special effects, or like Broadway makeup (like Lion King or something haha) but I can't tell what the differences between these schools are.

I am planning on taking tours of them too. Which one do you think is better? Thanks.

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    makeup design usually covers a wide spectrum of makeup styles and types and mixtures, etc

    cosmetics covers nails, hair, skin care, and makeup

    try this site http://www.citytowninfo.com/employment/theatrical-... and see if its what you are looking for, they do theatrical makeup like your looking for. on the left side, there are a set of tabs, Overview, Top Cities, Find Schools, Video, Career Stories, and Top Industries

    click on find schools

    at this site, you can find schools for a 1 yr award certificate all the way to your doctorate degree. pick the amount of time you would like to be in school for and the state you are in and go from there. this site should help you find exactly what you need and want

    Source(s): Personal experience. I was looking into it before too
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    I looked at all three schools and ended up attending Cinema Makeup School. It was the best decision i ever made for my career! I took the master makeup course there which includes everything from beauty to special FX makeup. I graduated last year and I have been getting gigs non-stop! I have never turned down a job because i felt that i didnt know how to do something. You learn everything at CMS! Best makeup school by far! :)

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