is mel gibson a bad person?

i know he is in trouble for the stuff with his gf or whatever, but i mean is he really a bad person or is he getting to much blame for his actions

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    Is Mel Gibson a bad person? The obvious answer is; yes, he is a bad person. The not so obvious answer is: So am I, so are you and so is everyone else.

    Most people are talking about what a hypocrite Mr. Gibson is, because he was supposed to be this great Christian and now look at him!!

    But anyone saying that does not know the Bible (or God for that matter) very well at all.

    Whether you are a Christian or not, hopefully you can see that there are some eternal truths and great wisdom in the Bible.

    Romans 3: 23 says that “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.”

    In “The Passion of the Christ” Mr. Gibson portrayed that Glory and God’s sacrifice very well and fairly accurately.

    Who can live up to that God? Can any of us get close to deserving that kind of sacrifice?

    No. We fall short.

    But there is another step to Christianity that the News media tends to leave out: The fact that God allows for our imperfections EVEN AFTER WE ACCEPT HIS SALVATION AND BECOME BELIEVERS.

    1 John 1:9 says “If we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”


    God knew that Mel Gibson was going to screw up. And he made provision for it.

    Just like HE made a way for you and me to find HIM in the first place.

    Some people say that what Mr. Gibson has done is unforgivable.

    Some even fear that they, themselves have committed the “unforgivable sin.”

    The “unforgivable sin”( if you are familiar with the passage, Matt 12:22-31) is actually people who claim to be believers in God who attribute to Satan, works and miracles that are done through God’s Holy Spirit, by God’s true believers. So unless you’re a Pharisaical fake Christian going around accusing God’s people of doing the Devils work; you’re pretty safe.

    And, one necessary part of being a Christian; is that you have to Forgive.

    YOU have to forgive anyone and EVERYONE that has wronged you.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that you hang out with them if they have hurt you, or give them the keys to your house if they have stolen from you, especially if they are unrepentant, that would just be stupid.

    Trust has to be re-earned sometimes, and sometimes; trust can never be reestablished, no matter what.

    My father was a pedophile. I witnessed to him often. He would always say, “If there is a Man upstairs; He doesn’t want anything to do with me.”

    To which I would reply, “Daddy, if you are saying that any sin you have committed, is so terrible that even the sacrifice Christ cannot cover it, then you are making your sin more powerful than the blood of the Son of very son of God himself” I would say “You’re placing your sin above Jesus.. And that is just not true.”

    Dad always made the “man upstairs” comment, knowing that I knew what he was talking about. Details remained unsaid, and we never discussed his abuse of me and my sisters.

    Dad did accept Christ as his Savior, about two hours before he died of cancer.

    Dad knew when he was alive, that I had forgiven him. But that forgiveness was more to free me, than to free him.

    I knew that Dad was miserable because of what he had done when we where children. I knew what he was capable of; sickened him and he lived in bitter regret.

    And yet, knowing those things, I never left my children alone with him.

    Forgiveness doesn’t me being stupid, and it doesn’t mean that people don’t have to face the consequences of their sins.

    It just means letting things go, and turning them over to God.

    My dad was a great person, a wonderful and kind man, and at the very same time; a horrible person, capable of doing things that are unspeakable, and tormented by demons most of the world can barely imagine.

    Dad was a bad person, but I saw that bad person look to the ceiling of the room that he died in, and whisper these words. “Jesus, I Believe.” And I know without one doubt; That Dad has seen the eyes of Jesus and is with the Lord right at this moment.

    I think that Mel Gibson too, is tormented by demons that most of us cannot conceive of. What better person to unleash the minions of Hell upon, than the one who tried his best to show the world the last hours of its Savior?

    We are praying for you, Mel. Lord willing; you have another movie to do.

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    it is so large to work out this way of large number of human beings right here with some quickly ahead experience with regards to Mel Gibson. it is type of like human beings ultimately grew as a lot because the reality for what it is... not what we would have loved it to be. the reality is Mel Gibson has continuously been an outstanding actor and he's proved numerous cases that he might want to be an outstanding director. Given the quantity of crap popping out in action picture theaters at present, the movie marketplace can not lose human beings like Mel Gibson... fairly over some thing as petty as a drunken rant. he's paid his pennants. Now, placed him lower back to artwork doing what he does basically right, goddamn it.

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    That s open to interpretation; he s often had really bad alcohol problems, so I d say that when he s drunk he s a bad guy, but he s probably fine when he s sober.

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    If he indeed did what he is accused of,he is not a good person. After all, adults are responsible for their actions

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    "My father was a pedophile. I witnessed to him often. He would always say, “If there is a Man upstairs; He doesn’t want anything to do with me.”"

    But if there is a little boy upstairs, he'd want EVERYTHING to do with him! LMFAO HAHAHAHAHA

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    He might not be bad but he is not doing real well on the "good" scale.

  • well...he is a drunken hypocrite who threatened his wife children, police, Jews, and denied the Holocaust, all while making crappy action movies ($$$) yes.

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    1 decade ago

    He's just mentally insane is all

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