Full name for the nickname, Mia and Manny?

Girl's Name:

- Mia: Other than Amelia

- Manny: Other than Manuella

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    Mia is a fine name on it's own. It's italian and gorgeous. But if you have to have a longer name use Maria. Mia was originally a diminutive form of Maria. Maria is so pretty and Mia is adorable. This name would make more sense if you're italian or Mediterranean though. You could also turn Mia into Miabelle or Miabella. But I don't really like those as much as Mia on it's own or Maria.

    For Manny I can't really think of anything.. Manuella is pretty, but I could only see it working on a spanish girl or a girl with olive skin tone, maybe italian. The only other thing I could think of Manny being sure for is Mandy but that wouldn't make sense. Honestly I don't like Manny it's very male sounding my boyfriend's brother is called Manny and theres the baseball player Manny.

    I Can tell you've been watching a lot of Degrassi.

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    Camille is one of the first names that comes to mind, but so does Milena, because my friend goes by Mia but is name Milena. Mia is fine on its own, though, as others have said.


    I think Manuella is the only name that really works for Manny as a nickname. Amanda might work, if it's a tomboyish girl who doesn't want to go by Mandy or Amy.

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    Mia is a name

  • 9 years ago

    Amelia, Amelie, Marie, Maria, Marion.


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