How can student fill out FAFSA if parent can't put income due to bankruptcy?

've filed for bankruptcy and now it's time for my daugter to fill out her FAFSA form for college. My bankruptcy attorney told me to not fill out the FAFSA form. The only way my daughter can apply for scholarships is if she fills out the FAFSA form and the form asks for parents income. What do I do?

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    Your attorney should not tell you not to file the FAFSA form. Obviously the attorney does not realize that any financial aid your daughter may receive will require filling out the FAFSA form.

    There is absolutely no reason related to bankruptcy why you shouldn't fill out the FAFSA form.

    I have worked with thousands of clients who filed bankruptcy and many of them had children in, or about to attend, college, and they all filled out the FAFSA form.

    The one thing that will be different -- as I recall, the fact that you filed bankruptcy is not captured by the FAFSA. Particularly if you filed Ch 13, your required Ch 13 plan payment won't be captured by FAFSA. Your daughter will need to go to her individual college financial aid office *after* receiving the FAFSA "expected family contribution" estimate and fill out a supplementary form explaining why the family may not be able to make the "expected family contribution." If you filed Ch 7 this will be less of a problem.

    Source(s): Former Legal Assistant with a bankruptcy law firm
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    Sorry, yet till you're a ward of the court, married or a veteran, you're seen a 'based' while you're below a undeniable age (i think of it rather is 24) whether you are not getting a penny out of your dad and mom. Any attempt to 'get around' reporting could be seen fraud. terrific guess assuming your dad and mom are divorced and not remarried is to rfile the parent with the backside income. in the event that they're remarried the couple's (parent and step-parent's) income must be suggested; if nevertheless married to a minimum of one yet another the two dad and mom' earning will count extensive kind. attempt a community college on your first 2 years and artwork a piece-time interest. additionally report a hassle charm alongside with your college's financial help place of work as quickly as you get your FAFSA rfile. Sorry back approximately your subject- I went in the direction of the same element and it substitute right into a bummer. yet I have been given via and so are you able to. good luck!

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    Did your attorney say why you shouldn't fill out this form? I'd question him or her on that. My concern is that he has enterred income numbers on another disclosure form that would contradict your own accounting of your income and he doesn't want your true income on the record. Make sure there isn't any legal malpractice going on here.

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    I think that she can fill out the FAFSA as and independent. She would have to have a job, though. You should call the financial aid office of the school that she wants to go to and ask their advise. Also, FAFSA has a hotline that you can ask questions anomyously.

    good luck. I feel for you.

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