service canada, also took non residents tax, from me also this year.!! about $400.00 so far Plus Goods and?

services !! They love to grab your money :( In early 2006 to get me and others to move to a warmer climat they said on there web site (with FULL PENSION,BUT THEY ARE LI ER'S,after 6 months they started to take my pension !!! NO WAY TO TREAT A SENIOR (THEY ARE SELF SERVING)and no regards to Seniors.. I sent a letter to Service Canada around Oct.4-2010 about this matter,and I never herd one word from them !!! they have to many door's to hide from us.,and law's to fit there needs.I think we need a new Government..I made a Promise to them if they did not do anything about all of this mess,I would report it all to the media,how badly they are treating us Seniors Thank You...

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  • Fred S
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    10 years ago
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    Your whining won't help you get answers. Stick to the facts, and leave your entitlement mentality at home.

    You left Canada voluntarily. No one forced you too.

    All non-residents have non-resident tax withheld. All countries, including Canada and the US do it. When you file your taxes in your home country, any tax withheld by Canada is a credit on your return. In most cases, the total tax you end up paying is no different from the tax you would have paid as a resident of Canada.

    If you spend as much time doing the calculations as you do whining, you'd see this for yourself.

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