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Why do PC Gamers think they are better than Console Gamers?

Has anyone else noticed that people who play PC Games are real snobs?

They look down on people who "still" play consoles and act like PC Games are really sophisticated or high-brow?

What gives? Can't we all just get along?

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    It's because:

    ) they think the only kind of shooter is run and gun with lots of jumping, where you can aim and fire in a split second. They have never heard of any other kind of shooter. Mention "TPS" and they will think Ted Turner has yet another new TV network.

    ) they think MMORPG's are a valuable use of time. Meaning, ALL their time. Selling their soul to World of Warcraft especially.

    ) they spend more money, and people who spend more always insist that more expensive is better.

    ) most of them have literally never learned to use a gamepad with thumbsticks. When they try, they find themselves in an uncomfortable position, namely leaning back and relaxed, as opposed to the comfortable position of hunched over, staring into a little monitor, one hand on a keyboard the other on a mouse, and a stiff neck and a nagging case of carpal tunnel.

    ) pc games are invariably cheaper, which somehow proves they're also better. Even though the cheaper hardware is worse.

    ) Look at charts of modern video game sales, and you'll see pc titles are rarely at the top. Look at the console sections, you'll see they have more quesions. There aren't near as many pc gamers as there used to be. This proves pc gamers are 733t h@xx0r5. The few, thus the elite. Most of them spend more time online talking about how 733t they are than actually playing games.

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    Cause XBox and Playstation are for Kids. Adults play strategy games like Civilization 5 on PC.

    Source(s): I think thats what the snoobs think
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    I think it's because gaming PCs are expensive and Xboxs and playstions areen't as expensive so basically what they're saying is "Haha we can afford a gaming PC and you can't"

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