Chance for out of state applicant to UT?

i'll keep it short of simple, I'm probably the top 25% of my class. my gpa is around 3.7 weighted, 3.3 unweighted and I scored 2110 on the sat reasoning. I hear that it is damn near impossible for out of state applicants to make it into the University of Texas, would you recommend me to apply or to save my money?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Depends on your personal preferences.

    My recommendation would be: SAVE YOUR MONEY

    Because the Out-of-State tuition is 31,218.

    [Which is similar to many good private colleges]

    But it isn't near impossible to get into UT. I have many friends from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and even California who managed to get in with very similar credentials as yourself.

    Although your GPA does seem like a weak-point, your SAT scores are above-par!

    Paired with a well-written essay and Extra Curriculars you have a chance..

    You should apply.

    Unless they give you a good amount of scholarship you should think about other porgrams.

    But my final verdict will be: save your money.

    Choose a different school that will offer you better scholarships and financial help for your undergrad programs.

    Good luck on your journey!

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