what is primary space?

not personal space

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    10 years ago
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    Personal space on the Internet known as Personal Home Page Personal Home Page is out of your own web page editing software, then upload it to the specified location to apply a space, can be a FTP or HTTP upload.

    such as:myspeace bloggger .you can use blog.

    Many people now create their own space through the blog, which is more appropriate for those busy work and study. In his blog, service providers have designed a variety of modes or views, users have to do is choose. And most of these blog is free. Typically, in a single operation the blog site, log in directly using the account goes into your blog, the space usually the case. In the more integrated portal, you can usually find the site navigation bar blog entry. Also in the navigation class website, as well 123 can directly select various blog and login. Baidu general search can also be directly to a personal space, and can log in directly.

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    The real physical space (our ordinary space) is a mathematical lattice of topological balls, which in my works written with late Prof. Michel Bounias was named a teasel-lattice. Such structure was derived starting from topology, set theory and fractality. The size of a cell of the tessel-lattice is equal to the Planck length, 10^{-35} m. A particle emerges in the teasel-lattice as a local deformation of one of its cells. A degree of the deformation can be associated with the physical notion of mass.

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    4 years ago

    The universe is vast and expanding.

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