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rate/fix my yugioh deck?


Terrorking Salmon IOC Common *

Mobius The Frost Monarch SD4-EN012 x 2

The Legendary Fisherman PSV Ultra Rare

Penguin Soldier SDJ Super Rare

Amphibious BugRoth Mk-3 SD4 x 2 *

Aqua Madoor LOB Rare x 2>

NightMare Penguin RDS Common x 2

Cure Mermaid DB1 Common

Maiden of the Aqua x2 DB2 Common

Aqua Spirit LON Common

7 Colored Fish SD4 Common *

Levia-Dragon -Daedalus Ultra Rare *

Gagagio DCR Common

Sea Serpent Warrior of Darknes Common*

Silent Abyss STON * common

Penguin Knight MRL common

Space Mambo FET * common

Red Archery Girl SRL common

Gagagigo DCR common

Alien Shocktrooper TAEV * common

Zolga DCR common

Amphibian Beast LON Rare


A Legendary Ocean x 3 DB2 (2*) Common

Tornado Wall SD4*

Magic jammer SD2 *

Heavy Storm Common YSD *

Salvage SD4 Common *

Umiiruka DB1 Common

Umi LOB Common*x2

Torrential Tribute Common SD4 *

Swords of Revealing Light SD7 *

Reload SD4 Common *

Call of the Haunted SD4 Common*

Mystical Space Typhoon SD4 * common

Gravity Axe - Grarl DCR common

interdimensional matter transporter SD1 *

Giant Trunade SD2 * common

Creature Swap SD1 * common

Numinous Healer DB1 common

Compulsory Evacuation Device SD2 * com

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    I give you an 8 because I hate Umi decks. Other than that, it looks pretty solid.

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