Where should we go for our third date?

Our first and second dates together were at the same spot, but the second was shorter than the first because he had to leave. :/

But I don't want to go to the same spot AGAIN for a third date, so where can we go where it won't be boring to him or me? (There aren't many places we can go, our town isn't that exciting lol)

Rather than places, maybe some general ideas of what we could do together? Please and thank you! :D


yea see NO im not overweight smart a**

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    well a date shouldn't be a place where their is food resturant and other stuff sounds so cliquche! or however you spell it lolz you two should find a place where both of you have fun in weither its a rock climbing place or going to the mesum or idk anything bascially as long as you two both like that hope that helps

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    If he likes you he probably doesn't care about what you do or where you go, cause he just want to be with you! I know cause I m a guy and i ve been in this situation.. But I think you should go out and eat dinner together in some nice restaurant ! :)

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    For me and my guy, our third date was at his house watching a movie. Our forth date, we walked in the park. Feel free to use these.

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    Go to a sporting event then get bored early ang go fu*k in the car or go dor a walk or bike ride i take it you're a bit overweight?

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    i agree with ryan about the just being happy to be with you, but idk about the dinner thing, kinda cliched. depending on where you live you could go sailing, kayaking, skiing, the beach, a run in the rain ( if you guys are runners), a movie, but something unique like a drive in or outdoor movie theater. good luck! and thanks for answering mine, but unfortunately i can't go on a date since she lives like 900 miles away :'(

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    u could go to a park,the movies,bowling,or even skating. anywhere u guys decide to go it should be fun because you guys will be together.

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    go to the park, go buy ice cream, go to the movies, hang out at yours/his house

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