name of this movie - cannot remember it?

So I saw this movie a while ago. I'm pretty sure it had Sean Connery as the butler, Russell Crowe was someone called the Riddler? Jake Gyllenhaal was the love interest. It was about this guy defending New York from the Riddler. Riddler was a psycho spaz. One scene involves the Riddler chasing the bird guy (who I think was played by Christian Slater) through an underground tunnel with school buses while the bird guy drove some sort of Mercedes. The guy who played Dracula was in it too I think he was an army general. Another one is where Russell Crowe blows up a YMCA dressed in drag. Any help would be fantastic thanks


i'm not giving thumbs down i found out it was batman?

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    Umm, pretty sure it's BATMAN: The Dark Knight like the first answer said.

    It's Michael Caine as the butler, Christian Slater as Batman, Gary Oldman as the detective, and Heath Ledger as the Joker, and Aaron Eckhart as "the love interest".......

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    hi i think of that the action picture which you're speaking approximately is termed One 8 Seven (187) on condition that's a 1997 action picture, and u mentioned u watched it years in the past. additionally, the main significant character is a instructor (playd by using Samuel Jackson)caught with gang situation in an city severe college and in the top they play russian roulette and he dies in the top. OH YEAH and 187 is the police code for homicide :) i'm hoping that's the action picture ur speaking approximately!

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    No such movie.. all those actors have not been in a movie fact Crowe and Connery never been in a movie together..

    EDIT: Don't know why you asked a question and gives thumb down for THE TRUTH.. but Gyllenhall, Crowe, Connery, Slater have never, ever, ever been in one single movie together. You know how I know... Internet Movie Database (, Google, etc.

    I guess your last statement about any help would be find is not a truthful statement.

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    You need more help than I can give you.

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