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any good japanese songs?

i watch alot of anime and drama and recently i started to really like japanese songs.I like the lively kind,not the slow depressing songs lol xD Mi-Aishiteru is an awesome song..altho i cant remember what anime its frm O.o

i already downloaded a few but i dont kno much plz help everyone! :)

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    Abingdon boys school- strength > soul eater ending 4

    YUI- again > FMA brotherhood opening 1

    T.M. Revolution- Resonance> soul eater opening 1

    TommyHeavenly6- Black Paper moon> Soul eater opening 2

    Abingdon Boys school- Howling> Darker than Black opening 1

    Eiko Shimamiya- Higurashi no naku koro ni> Higurashi no naku koro ni opening

    Eiko Shimamiya- Naraku no hana> higurashi no naku koro ni kai opening

    Yoriko- Daia no hana> black cat opening 1

    Harmonize- dont know artist> Soul eater OST

    Rie Kugimiya- Pre Parade> Toradora opening 1

    ON/OFF- Butterfly> Durarara!! ending 2

    Rookie is Punk'd- Complication> durarara!! opening 2

    Theatre Brook- Uragiri no Yuyake> Durarara!! opening 1

    Yuya Matsushita- Trust me> Durarara!! ending 1

    Diggy Mo- Bakusou yume uta> Soul eater ending 3

    High and Mighty Color- Ichirin no hana> Bleach opening 3

    Mami Kawada- Hishoku no sora> Shakugan no shana opening 1

    these are some of the ones i listen too. Hope i helped :)

    Source(s): alot of anime and myself
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    Shamrock by Uverworld

    D-technolife by Uverworld

    Colors of the Heart by Uverworld

    Life - YUI

    Rolling Star - YUI

    Houkiboshi - Youna

    Code - Ryo Nishikido

    Ordinary - Ryo Nishikido

    Half Down - Ryo Nishikido

    Stereo - Ryo Nishikido

    Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa

    Love & Roll:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Answer - Flow

    Okaeri - Ayaka

    Why - Ayaka

    Anata no Soba de - Crystal Kay

    Dream World - Crystal Kay

    Boyfriend - Crystal Kay

    Beautiful You - TVXQ

    After Dark - Asian Kung Fu Generation

    Chu-bara - Kelun

    Ohayo - Keno

    Signal - KAT-TUN


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    Anime music is sort of my guilty pleasure. Heres a few you might like:

    God Knows by Aya Hirano

    Super Driver by Aya Hirano

    Never More and Reach out to the Truth (Persona 4)

    Bouken Desho Desho by Aya Hirano

    Main theme of Lucky Star (that is upbeat for anyone)

    Those are off the top of my head, most of them come from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. That's a pretty phenomenal anime, check it out.

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    Listen to my heart by BOA

    Every heart by BOA

    Amazing kiss by BOA

    My will by DREAM

    Come by NAMIE AMURO

    Kanashimi Wo Yasashisa Ni

    Tan Tan Ta-n

    Driving Myself from THE PRINCE OF TEENS

    Hotaru No Hiakari by KANAKO

    Koilogarete Mita Yume by MARIKO HASEGAWA

    Blue Bird by TAKAYOSHI YUKO

    Special Days by NAKANISHI REIKO

    Moon Child In The Sky by AMANO

    BLEACH has some good op & ed songs

    SHUGO CHARA has some good op & ed songs

    Karaoke Phase is a good anime to watch has really good songs

    Wo Full Moon is a good anime to watch it has good song

    Mermaid Melody is a good anime to watch as well has good songs in it to

    Gravitation is a good anime too


    Memorial address singer name is AYUMI HAMASAKI

    Play singer name is NAMIE AMURO


    Big Bang


    Kat - Tun




    Super Junior

    Top Combine


    Kazumasa oda or Shibasaki kou

    Yamashita Tatsuro

    Funky Monkey Babys

    Heart Grow



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    Sonar Pocket - Never Give Up

    Youtube thumbnail

    UxMishi - Yume no Hana

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hiromi Satou - Kowarekake no Orgol

    Youtube thumbnail

    Kobukuro - Ryusei ost Nagareboshi

    From the awesome drama "Nagareboshi" about guy marry prostitute.

    Youtube thumbnail

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    -alumina - Nightmare

    -the world- Nightmare

    -dirty- Nightmare

    if you dont rlly like that stuff and are more into the 'shugo chara' stuff or something than email me and i'll get a list of songs

    for you. Lol i love japanese music

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    "Cage" by Dir en Grey

    "La Dix Croix" by Moi Dix Mois

    "Mizerable" by Gackt

    "Beast of Blood" by Malice Mizer

    Many songs by TM Revolution.

    That's just some stuff off the top of my head. Good luck!

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    Bad Apple(One of my favorites)

    Youtube thumbnail

    I Like You, I Love You

    Youtube thumbnail

    (This is a vocaloid, so idk if they count)

    Here is a list of all vocaloid songs

    Shugo Chara Opening

    Youtube thumbnail

    Gakuen Alice Opening

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hot Limit

    Youtube thumbnail

    Electro World

    Youtube thumbnail

    Paradise Lost

    Youtube thumbnail

    Shiroi Tokyo

    Youtube thumbnail

    Aozora no Namida

    Youtube thumbnail

    All I could think of at the moment but I hoped I helped!~

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    data mutant and

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