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Water flow to adiabatically cool air stream?

An inlet flow of air at 145 deg F and a dew point of 100 deg F is flowing at a rate of 450 lb dry air/hr . Determine the flow of water (lb/hr) added if the stream was to be adiabatically cooled to 130 deg F.

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    1.7 lb/hour of water must be added.

    The total air flow = 109 acfm

    The initial Wet Bulb Temp = 100.0 Deg F

    The final Wet Bulb Temp = 102.57 Deg F

    Initial & Final #/hr of dry air plus associated moisture = 470.5 lb

    Initial #/hr of associated moisture = 20.2 #/hr

    Final #/hr of associated moisture = 21.9 #/hr

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