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Muscle building routines for a scrawny guy?

I am a small built guy (5'7'' 135 pounds) and I looking to gain a bit of muscle. I know absolutely NOTHING about the exercises and weights I need to do to build muscle outside of some articles I read on Google. From these articles I know I need more protein, have to do heavy weights at less reps, get rest, and no cardio, other than that, I have no idea. Ideally I would like to do 3 different routines with 1 routine lasting 4 weeks to switch things up. I guess my three biggest questions are : how heavy of weights do I lift (as heavy as possible?), how many reps (till it hurts?), and can you suggest a series of routines that would help me reach the goal of adding muscle (preferably 10 pounds)

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    The first step is to get your diet right, you need to eating more calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight, adding around 500 calories per day above maintenance should begin to show results with the right workout but may need to be higher. going to high will see you putting on more fat than muscle.

    Protein needs to be at 1.2 - 1.6 grams per kg of bodyweight, your body cannot use more than that and to higher levels can cause serious liver problems.

    good quality carbs are essential for energy sticking mostly to low GI except for your post workout snack which should be high GI.

    As a beginner you need to start your routine at a moderate level and build a base to work from, a 3 day per week routine with a full body workout is ideal, a split routine is not needed at this point.

    A muscle building routine should use medium weights and for a beginner 10-12 reps for 1-4 sets with a rest time of 1-2 minutes between sets. you should not be able to lift another rep at the end of the set if you are using enough weight, when you can do 12 reps or more you need to put up the weight.

    heavy weights with less reps is for building max strength not max size. also as a beginner you don't need to change every 4 week 6-8 weeks for a routine is fine. choose 2 exercises for each major muscle from here watch the video's carefully for good form and get an experience or better yet a trained person at the gym to check your form.

    Try to include the big three squat, deadlift and benchpress in your workout, working the legs is very important for overall development as working the larger muscles boost testosterone production for overall muscle growth.

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    yeah great research bro, your on top of your game. along with heavy lifting with low reps you need to be bulking up, in other words eating more and more often here is a great article on bulking

    as far as your routine goes, start by print one of these out and take it to the gym with you. You cant go wrong with any of these routine.

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