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airplane questions for fun?

1. aisle seat or window seat(window seat)

2. longest flight you were in( 5 hours for me)

3. the longest you waited in airport security( me i not sure)

4. the longest you waited for a plane to take off( me 30 minutes the pilot was late LOL)

5. the scariest thing that happened while you were in a plane(be truthful don lie or make up)

6. do u like benign on airplanes(i do)

7. favorite airline( Logan airport and US air)

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    1. Window. (I like to take pictures of us taxiing to the runway)

    2. Longest flight non-stop (San Francisco to Hong Kong. Over 13 hours. This trip was one segment. The original flight was Cincinnnati to San Francisco with a 7 hour layover at SFO. Flight then left SFO to Hong Kong where we stopped for about 1 hour before continuing to Singapore. Arrived in Singapore and then connected on a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia).

    3. Lines usually move pretty quickly but one time in Seattle it seemed as though we waited at least 20 minutes. Delta had a bunch of early flights leave at the same time and they allowed those who had a flight depart really early go through security first.

    4. Longest waiting time was at least 8-10 hours. Our original flight to Raleigh-Durham at 8:25 am on United had a problem as the airplane did not arrive from Chicago due to bad weather. Therefore we were put on a Comair flight (Comair now part of Delta). Because of bad weather, there were lots of flight delays in Cincinnati. When the plane finally arrived, there was no crew to fly the aircraft because the flight crew was coming from another city and couldn't make it. Finally took-off at around 6:00 pm and that was after we had to get our aircraft de-iced.

    5. Scariest thing was when our flight on United out of LAX to San Diego took off. The flight took off and then the captain turned down the engine power as we were still climbing. I thought the aircraft was starting to fall but it was just leveling off.

    6. Love being on airplanes.

    7. Favorite airline is Singapore Airlines. Domestic airline would be JetBlue. Favorite airport is LAX because you have an awesome view of the airport if you go to the oberservation deck of the Theme Building. You can watch airplanes take-off and land from all runways. Plus LAX has a lot of wide-body aircraft and international airlines you can see.

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    1. window seat (or next to my spouse, who wants a window)

    2. 17 hours

    3. Probably about 1.5 hours (years ago)

    4. You mean past sceduled departure time? And for a flight that did eventually depart? Then, about 6 hours.

    5.Probably landing in a Viscount at ROC in a serious winter storm, watching our zigzap approach.

    6. I do.

    7. Favorite airline is probably Singapore. Oh, and Logan is not an airline.

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    1. Aisle

    2. 15 hours from Sydney to Dubai

    3. 2.5 hours at JFK

    4. I assume you mean after boarding, 3 hours when an electrical component went wrong on a BA plane and the captain had to wait for the Civil Aviation Authority (London) to give permission to fly although we were in Brisbane!

    5. Oxygen masks deploying with alarms, somewhere over the Indian Ocean. The captain had, it turns out, been asked to deploy one mask for a sick woman and had press the wrong button! Very eerie having all the masks dangling in front of our faces for four hours!

    6. Yes.

    7. Emirates especially when on the A380. My favourite airport is Singapore

    Source(s): Ten to twelve long and short haul flights a year
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    1. window

    2. 9.5 hours

    3. I think 45 minutes

    4. 30-45 minutes, the pilot was on a delayed flight and came running on

    5. The turbulence flying low over the Andes Mountains from Mendoza to Chile, it was like a roller coaster.

    6. No, I get motion sickness.

    7. Southwest



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