Can someone explain to me what joiners are in photography please?

I have t do the A-Z of photography and I am now on J for Joiner, I can't seem to find any information on them so PLEASE can someone lend me some information or tell me about them.

Will be much appreciated

Please repkly ASAP

Thankyouuu!!! x

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    David Hockney coined the term back in the 1970's. It describes a photo made out of a series of images, in his case polaroids, that records a single scene. Each image is a block of the scene. Some of his work is really quite stunning: Pearblossom highway comes to mind.

    There are other photogs who do this technique, but the problem is that everyone knows they are copying Hockney.

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    A lens has to gather and focus light onto the sensor (or film, or retina), the amount of light a lens can gather is controlled by the size of the hole in the middle of the lens, called the aperture. The maximum aperture is the most a light a lens can let through, but in order to give the photographer more control the aperture can be made smaller. In short big hole = lots of light, small hole = not much light. The size of the hole is measured in f/numbers, and a small f/number means a big hole, so for example f/1.2 would be very very big. A big f/number, say f/11 means the opposite, a small hole would let through a lot less light. Obviously, when it's bright you can't always use a big aperture, because your camera has an upper limit for shutter speed (most modern cameras 1/8000, but entry level cameras are 1/4000), and this is one reason why you need adjustable aperture. More importantly from a creative point of view, aperture also helps to control depth of field, i.e. the chunk of a scene that will be in focus. However there are other factors too.

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    Ran into this a couple of weeks ago, joiner is a term coined by a photographer for a specific type of composite photography collage. Apparently he is the only one to ever have used the term, you're teacher's pretty tough.

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    Try Trick Photography Special Effects -

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    I've never heard the term either we call these panoramas (a panorama can be vertical as well as horizontal, or both vertical and horizontal to make one huge image), they are made using stiching software such as Autostitch

    or similar software. Olympus cameras can do it in camera on some of their models.


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    Try this:

    I have been a photographer for decades and never heard of the term. Ask your instructor to choose jpeg for 'J' next time. Or is that too easy?

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