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What was 1978 Supreme Court decision that rejected the idea of fixed affirmative action quotas, but allowed th?

What was 1978 Supreme Court decision that rejected the idea of fixed affirmative action quotas, but allowed that institutions of higher learning could use race as one factor among many in admissions decisions?

A) Swan v. Charlotte-Mecklenberg Board of Education

B) Regents of the University of California v. Bakke

C) Griggs v. Duke Power

D) San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez

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    B. Regents of the University of California v. Bakke

    Reverse discrimination became an issue, epitomized by the famous Bakke case in 1978. Allan Bakke, a white male, had been rejected two years in a row by a medical school that had accepted less qualified minority applicants-the school had a separate admissions policy for minorities and reserved 16 out of 100 places for minority students. The Supreme Court outlawed inflexible quota systems in affirmative action programs, which in this case had unfairly discriminated against a white applicant. In the same ruling, however, the Court upheld the legality of affirmative action per se.

    Read more: Affirmative Action History & Timeline (Civil Rights Act, Supreme Court Cases, etc) —

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