My new Norton Internet Security software is preventing me from logging into messenger, how do I fix this?

I just purchased a Norton Internet Security software. Now I can't log into Yahoo messenger. I don't know the Proxy server URL at all. I don't know how to assure the security software that Messenger is safe. How do I Set it up right?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm so sorry you wasted your money on Norton. That is the worse anti virus security program you could of ever installed on your system. Be ready for more problems like this with Norton

    frist i'd uninstall it and buy a real security program or a free one like avg and zone alarm

    check nortons fire wall settings make sure it will allow yahoo and msn to work.

    i'd really uninstall it and use the cd as a expensive coaster for your drinks

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    4 years ago

    it must be corrupt. you will get rid of it by employing putting the CD interior the CDROM force, going to function/removoe courses and selct it for uninstalling. The utility desires the CD with a view to uninstall. then you definately can reinstall it.

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