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Accessing wireless internet?

So here's my situation: I have a laptop that can access wireless internet just fine, but when I'm home for vacation (I'm in college), I don't have wireless and people around me have password protected internet. I have a desktop at home with dial up (outdated beyond belief, my parents refuse to upgrade our internet since I'm the only one that really uses it). So my question is regarding buying one of those "internet access cards" that they advertise on TV (AT&T being my example since it's the first one that comes to mind). Is that for laptops that can't normally access wireless and it would be useless for me to buy one?

I've also talked to my parents about getting wireless internet, but they're concerned that it will be on all the time. As much as I've researched wireless internet, I can never seem to find answers to my questions since my home internet is so outdated. Using the desktop, our internet takes up our phone line and I've been told that wireless internet is not available for such internet connections. I've been trying to find reasonably priced options so that I can have internet for breaks (so I don't have to constantly go to the library and I can have internet whenever).

I've also researched tethering my phone to my computer (I have an iPhone 3G) and recently AT&T opened tethering to my phone for a monthly fee, which isn't very helpful since I don't need it 8 months of the year, give or take. That seemed to be my best option when I heard about tethering but the programs I keep seeing are no longer available or I'm unable to locate them for whatever reason.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you!

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    If you are good friends with any of your neighbors maybe they would give you their password to use their wireless - or you could offer to pay them a small fee. You could also go to McDonalds and use their wireless (or some other establishment that has free wi-fi). There is no gadget that will attach to your computer and give you instant internet access.

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  • Ehhmad
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    Continue reading only if you have patience and real need to get teethering for free, cause it is a little complicated....

    Download limera1n :

    Connect iphone to computer and run limera1n, carefully follow the onscreen instructions.

    Once done your iphone will shutdown.Just press the power button and it will start normally.

    Now you should be able to see cydia on your springboard.(tap to launch it)It will automatically close for the first time.

    Launch it again when it is closed.Go to the third tab(Manage)

    Select the 2nd option (Sources)

    Select edit(Top right side)

    Select add(Top Left side)

    Enter the following and then select add source.

    Install TetherMe form HackStor

    Once done go to settings and then network to enable tethering and now you can successgully use internet after connecting your device to pc.

    Hope you understood every point, if not just let me now ill explain it in detail...

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