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what is different from the US to Australia? will an an ipod work there if bought from the US? Will a wii work there too? do they have an aeropostale? what stores are the same?

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    Australia runs at a different voltage to the US. (240V in Australia, 110V in the US). As a general rule, small, travel items (music players, including ipods, cameras) work on both voltages, larger things (household appliances) do not. When in doubt, check the manual.

    An ipod works fine.

    For a Wii, not only do you have to get a voltage transformer/adapter, but TVs display using a different standard; and US-bought games don't work on Australia Wiis and vice versa. I tried googling and found this and this You could look around those forums if you want. I don't understand all the issues but it looks like even with a voltage adapter you might have trouble displaying the games on an Australian TV. Sorry :(

    We don't have aeropostale. But the main cities have lots of nice clothing stores, and get heaps and heaps of imported clothes, so I'm sure you'll usually be able to find what you want.

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    Australia mains voltage is 240 volts 50 hertz.

    Make sure you electronic equipment will run on 240Volts or you will have to purchase a transformer.

    The wall plugs are also different shape and you will need an adapter.

    Australia has WIFI. Free in some locations. You can also purchase pre paid mobil broadband.

    The shopping centers have the same type of stores found in the U.S.

    Radio Shack is Dick Smith or Tandy.

    Fast food in OZ = MacDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King. Taco Bell (Sydney only).

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    OK.... Realistically all Western countries such as European nations, North America, Australia, East Asia ( Japan, South Korea etc) are all developing and becoming "Americanized". Meaning that these countries are following the american way of life. Of course some nations have there own culture while other follow the "US". Through my perspective, basically countries such as the Canada, UK, Australia, are quiet similar like America. All have different landscapes, Buildings, way of talking etc though "ALL" have many American technology, fast food franchises, clothing and TV/movies. Only about 5-15% of Australian foods, technology and media are Australian made/owned. To ask, why wouldn't Australia have the same products that you have everyday?Australia is one of the largest consuming markets in the world, so it would make obvious sense for American products to be sold here. Most major corporations ( some like McDonalds, KFC, Toyota) are just as frequently seen and used in Australia . So yes Ipods/iphones, American games and Nintendo/ Xbox/PS3 Etc are all in Australia. Mostly all Major stores in America are the same in Australia. So you can't really say "what stores are the same" because majority are.

    Hoped i Helped :P

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    Yes Ipods and all electronics will work here.

    As you can see in the other posts, you will need an adapter so you can recharge them. Also for hair straightners, and stuff like that which you plug into the wall.

    There is no Aeropostale here, but we do have shops that sell Abercrombie and Hollister if your'e interested in them.

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    there are a lot of differences from here to america- the accent, oh and you will hate this there are no free refills here with drinks like anywhere haha

    and no sorry your electronics will not work over here unless you get an us-aus adaptar.

    there are some stores that are the same over here as them

    we have most of your brands, and they just opened a GAP here

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    Whats different? Lots of things. Not sure about electronic devices but i think they run on different voltage systems. But you can always buy a Wii and Ipod here. Aeropostale? Don't know what that is but i'm sure we have lots of stores similar to you. Walmart and Big W are similar i think. We have the usual fast food places, etc. The thing that can suck here i the heat though.

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    Difference? Nothing. Australia can easily be America's 51st state, bar none.

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    you will need an adapter to convert voltage

    best place to buy-Radio Shack

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