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Is there another type of infantry in the Air Force Reserve or Guard other than Pararescue Jumper?

Preferably something that doesn't require as much time to train?

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    their are CCt's and SOWTs. but both require almost as much time and training as PJ's since they are all AF STS. They also have the same attrition rate.Then their are TACP's which i dont belive you can do in reserves. They attach to army units to coordinate air support. Then their is security forces, i know lots of SF guys who have seen combat and have gotten confirmed kills because SF deploy and acctivly patrol in iraq and afghanitsan. theirs even an SF unit(the 820 security forces group) that is trained to acctually be AF infantry, they specialize in taking airfields and securing them, some of them even did a combat jump into iraq when the 175th airborne jumped on to an airfield

    EDIT: @phill. special operations weather became an individual AFSC in 2008, it is now a entry level position and you dont have to go in as a weatherman, you can go straight into it. They attend the pipeline side by side with CCT's and actually spend more time in their tech school the CCT's but they go throught the pre-indoc,selection/indoc cours, and the finishing course with CCT's and if say something like jump school is delayed they might end up going through the whole pipeline with them

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    You are very wrong. Pararescue is special ops, they cannot be mass produced, it takes time to mold a highly elite unit. Combat control has the exact same training time, and is just as difficult. Pararescue has a 90% attrition rate, they lose most of their guys within the first 2 weeks, combat control loses guys in the second and 12th month of training. Special ops weather team now has their own pipeline, they train at the same locations with combat controllers for their first 2 years. There are two things that require less training but can see combat, those are tacp, and you can become a regular weathermen and apply for combat weather. Special ops weather and the two I just mentioned work with and live with the army.

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    the jobs and education are a similar for both the Reserves and preserve. the large distinction is the the Governor of a state has administration of the preserve till it is in the different case Federally activated. So convinced if there's a organic disaster a Governor can call upon the preserve. yet its unlike mess united stateshappen standard.

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    CCT and TACP are deployed with infantry types. They call in CAS for Rangers, Seals, Recon, etc.

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