How will corruption end in India?

You see and feel corruption all over this country. How can it be curbed so that benefit for the poor of the country is maximised?

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    Right to information act

    Main article: Right to Information Act

    The Right to Information Act (2005) and equivalent acts in the states, that require government officials to furnish information requested by citizens or face punitive action, computerisation of services and various central and state government acts that established vigilance commissions have considerably reduced corruption or at least have opened up avenues to redress grievances.[1][30] The 2006 report by Transparency International puts India at the 70th place and states that significant improvements were made by India in reducing corruption.[31][32]

    [edit] Ombudsmen

    The LokAyukta is an anti-government corruption organization in the Indian states [33][34]. These institutions are based on the Ombudsman in Scandinavian countries. An amendment to the Constitution has been proposed to implement the Lokayukta uniformly across Indian States as a three-member body, headed by a retired Supreme Court judge or high court chief justice, and comprise of the state vigilance commissioner and a jurist or an eminent administrator as other members [35].

    [edit] Computerization

    Bhoomi is a project jointly funded by the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka to digitize the paper land records and create a software mechanism to control changes to the land registry in Karnataka. The project was designed to eliminate the long-standing problem of inefficiency and corruption.

    Introduction of smart cards for vehicle registration and drivers licenses by Karnataka Regional Transport Organization[36].

    Enforcement automation of traffic violations by Bangalore Traffic Police [37].

    [edit] Whistleblowers

    Whistleblowers play a major role in the fight against corruption. India currently does not have a law to protect whistleblowers, which was highlighted by the assassination of Satyendra Dubey.

    [edit] Creation of Anti-Corruption Police and Courts

    Some have called for the Central Government to create an anti-theft law enforcement agency that investigates and prosecutes corruption at all levels of government, including state and local level. Special courts that are more efficient than the traditional Indian courts with traveling judges and law enforcement agents are being proposed. The proposal has not yet been acted upon by the Indian government. Certain states such as Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh Anti-corruption Bureau) and Karnataka (Lokayukta) have similar agencies and courts [38][33]. The creation of a central agency with specialized courts with broad powers, however, is likely to have greater impact in curbing corruption at all levels[opinion][citation needed].

    [edit] Private sector initiatives

    Several new initiatives have come up in the private sector to raise awareness about Corruption related issues and to build anti-corruption platforms. is one such organization that is promoting the use of Zero Rupee Notes [39] to fight corruption by shaming the officials who ask for bribe. Another popular initiative Jaago Re!One Billion Votes from Tata Tea has now changed its focus from voter registration to fighting corruption [40]. is another platform for corruption free India and advocates the use of direct and regular measurement of corruption to force the hands of the leadership into dealing with corruption related issues

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  • 9 years ago

    Unless it's a first world country, corruption will always be rampant esp for a large country like India or China or Brazil, I think (don't quote me on this) in terms of survival psychology of countries (exist?) sometime corruption is needed to accelerate some process (given ideal condition is not there yet, like infrastructure, working system that includes laws, law enforcer, etc, social control and the prosperity of average citizen). How will it end? corruption will never end, just decreasing once the country more developed and the above said factors gets better.

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  • 3 years ago

    Corruption will end if we initiate on the precise of the authorities. we can in no way thoroughly get rid of the corruption besides the indisputable fact that we can cut back it to a factor it is fairly a danger. it is a affliction which have in our blood in a unmarried sort or the different. I do favor to point that even the most stepped ahead international locations have this situation yet at an particularly low factor and if someone is stuck then he/she does pay the outcomes in spite of the status. we'd want to be more advantageous tolerant and performance endurance. For this situation we'd want to take distinct the duty. We pass to the flicks there's a lengthy line. lets stand in line and get the fee ticket and in no way pay the guy who's promoting for further funds. If all of us does that the hustler received't purchase the tickets next time understanding no human being will purchase from him. lets make a dedication to ourselves that 2 days a week we won't be able to use any corruption means(giving or taking) which will cut back it via two/7 of the corruption. In a nut shell duty lies on ourselves. If truly everyone takes an oath that he/she will have the capacity to not provide bribe then we can end this epidemic. thanks GGMS

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The Corruption in India can end only if the Politician and the Peoples of India really wants the Corruption Free Country.The Government Officers and the Politicians who had been made whole system Corrupt. and the rest of part complete by the common man.

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  • 9 years ago

    institution working is missing we do alot individually but to set things right we need institutions working in true letter and spirits instead of being at work at the whims of politicians and celebrities ------------- i dont doubt the intentions of individual but as we all know humans are prone to Err ! and being mortals they Expire as well

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  • 9 years ago

    Never half of ondian wage contained corrruption so it never goanna stop

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  • 9 years ago

    Pikachu, I choose you!

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