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Why are the most dangerous cities in the United States all dominated by liberal politics?

Camden, NJ (Liberal Denna Red, another anti_constitution nutty liberal)

St. Louis MO (Francis G. Slay, Openly advocates for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment)

Oakland CA (Ronald V. Dellums, OPENLY SOCIALIST)

Detroit(liberal mayor Bing, democrats ruled since 1962(

Flint, MI (Liberal Mayor Dayne Walling)

IN Fairness, Lowest Crime Rate (cities with population over 500,000)

Honolulu(Peter Carlisle, Mayor, Independent, Hawaii is traditionally democratic, but Honolulu is known for electing mayors who were Prosecutors)

El Paso (John Cook, Republican, Veteran, Small Business owner)

New York City (Bloomberg, Republican Liberal, Rudi Guillianni , a republican got NYC's crime under control)

San Jose CA(Chuck Reed, Fiscal Conservative Blue Dog Democrat)

Austin TX (Lee Effingwell , Democrat, never described as a liberal) not that there are many Liberals in Texas... Lee is a 20 year Military veteran, fiscally conservative and tough on crime.


Colleen, "My list" is the latest list from the FBI for this year 2010. I gave the top five most dangerous according to the FBI and the Top five least dangerous 9lowest crime rates)

You are being dishonest.

Update 2:

Colleen, seriously, this story is dominating the news cycle on every medium. I am not surprised that a lock-step, mind numbed YA liberal would be unaware of this.

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    Your list is ridiculously truncated and selective. This link brings you to the crime rates for American cities for 2009. Many 'conservative' cities have high crime rates too.

    Edited to add: If your list is the from the FBI for 2010 please link us to your source so that you can demonstrate the truth of your statement.

    I won't hold my breath.

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    Yucky partisan question, but I'll take a stab at it anyway...

    Where do you think the revolution is starting as we speak, you know the revolution that will throw the globalist progressive agenda into its final tailspins? The ability for large numbers to acquire the drop pieces necessary to force this momentum is essential, and simply not available where the so-called authority isn't dishing out all the pressure.

    Many of those you may call criminals are actually our newest freedom fighters.

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    If thought about in a scientific way, the liberals would be the dependent variable. The people around would be the independent variable. Meaning the people that need welfare and governmental support vote in the liberals that will give them the most money. You are looking at it the wrong way, its not the liberals that make the bad people, its the people that pick the liberals. I am on your side of the political spectrum, but your biased question makes you look dumb.

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    If I were setting up a business I would set up shop in an area that offered the most profit with the least risk. Criminals must operate the same way.

    In Texas if you attack the smallest person you se, that little guy might be packing and put an end to business. If you get caught in Oklahoma you would go to prison for a very long time or even die.

    If you are going to commit crimes for a living you move to a lib state. They make it safe by disarming your prey and reducing sentences.

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    because of the fact those cities are crammed with "minorities" and Liberal rules have carried out wonders for our minority inhabitants. the reality hurts. "Minorities" have been following Democrats without delay over the cliff for the previous 50 years and that's strictly what Democrats counted on. If Democrats have been to lose purely 50% of the minority vote they could in no way, EVER win yet another election.

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    The most dangerous cities are also the poorest. Poor people use welfare services. People who use welfare services favor liberals.

    There are plenty of rich cities with liberals running them. Anywhere in the Bay Area with wealth is run by liberals.

    Source(s): Republican, but I try to be fair.
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    Because liberal ideas ruin economies that force people to do desperate things.

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