What does RFD mean in reference to Forensics?

My friend competes in Original Oratory and at a competition he got RFD written across one of his ballots. This also happened to another friend who competes in Informative. What does this mean?

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    reason for decision

    A particularly unique area of research is addressing the reason-for-decision (RFD) on individual-event ballots. The RFD goes beyond more traditional ballot comments by indicating the precise reason a student earned a particular rank/rate in the round. The RFD, while a clear indicator of the competitive dimension of forensics also plays a critical teaching function. The student is able to learn from the RFD the reasons for a rank/rate, and take steps to address the issues raised. Scholars who have taken up the issue of RFDs include Burnett and Cronn-Mills, 1994; Hanson, 1997; Mills, 1990; Olson, 1992; Olson and Wells, 1988; Scott and Birkholdt, 1996.

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    rapid fielding directorate

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