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VivaBug asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 9 years ago

Can anyone find a Rebecca Harris(b.abt1851 in possibly richland county,sc)? Parents are Jane & William Harris.?

Rebecca Harris Jeffers(b.1851-1933) is my 3rd great grandmother.

She married Jessie Jeffers(b.1844-1924).

Her death certificate list that her parents were Jane and William Harris, but when i searched for them I only found in the 1870 census a Rebecca Harris living with her parents Jane and Moses Harris. Now I Am Lost....

Rebecca Harris can only be found living with her husband in Richland County in the 1910 &1920 census.

Cant find either in 1880 &1900 census....Or im not looking right.

She was most likely mulatto because her son Henry Jeffers(my 2nd great grandfather (b1901-1963.) was had blue eyes and looked like a white man.

Other children Sam(b.1902),Rebecca,Daniel(b.1909),Essie.


i forgot her age was wrong in the 1910 census. She was actually 36 in 1910 making her real birth year abt.1874.

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  • 9 years ago
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    As written, Rebecca had children at age 50 (Henry), 51 (Sam) and 58 (Daniel).

    Unless she was bone ugly, a terrible cook and had a personality as friendly as a rabid weasel with a toothache, given the customs of the times, she would have been married by age 22 at the latest, 16 at the normal youngest, 13 - 15 in some cases. I would bet your dates are off; very few women have children at age 58. I would also bet Mr. Jeffers was her second husband, or third or even fourth, so she is hiding in1880 and 1900 under her first or second married name.

    If she was a mulatto, again given the customs of the times, she would have been a slave, and thus on the 1860 slave schedules as "Female age 9, mulatto" with NO name; only the name of the white owners went on the slave schedule.

    Please check your dates. Almost all the women in the 14,000 individuals I have researched stop having children by age 45 or so. I see a 48-year old mother now and again. If she bore a child at age 58 she was one in a million.

    It does happen, but is awfully rare.

    Finally, "Harris" may be her first husband's name and the death certificate may be wrong.

    Daniel there throws up a red flag; if she bore him at age 58, she would have been in the New York Times.

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  • 9 years ago

    In the 1910 census for Center Twp, Richland Co. SC, I find the family with the last name Jefferson, head, Jessie, wife, Rebecca married once for 31 yrs she lists had 14 children/8 living age she is age 56. The younger children might actually be grandchildren or adopted/foster children. In 1920 family listed as Jeffers in Richland Co SC she is age 69.

    The Rebecca Harris listed as daughter in Moses and Jane's household has marked she is a widow and there is a grandson Jesse Scott age 5 also in Harris household. I think Jesse is Rebecca's son. This could still be "your" Rebecca and she married Jeffers/Jefferson after census taken, there is a J. Jefferson age 45 as a boarder in Charleston, SC.

    Source(s): Ancestry
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I just had a look at her death cert on Ancestry, the writing is pretty bad but it looks like it says she died in 1933 aged 82 - that would put her year of birth around 1851. (And the 1920 census agrees with that).

    Also I am not 100% sure that the mother's name is Jane, there is a bit of a dot over the word which could indicate the letter i somewhere in that scrawl so maybe the Mom's name was Janice or Janine?

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  • suggs
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    3 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    You have done really well. There are special tricks to finding your African American ancestors. Cyndi'sList has some excellent resources you might want to look at.

    I checked Family Search Pilot and found this

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