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I heard it is not good to give male cats cat food that contains fish. Is this true?

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    It is true. Males have a smaller urethra and are at a higher risk for crystals and stones in their urine- causing a blockage. It can also lead to UTI and FLUTD [last link]. Of course, this isn't to say females should be allowed a lot of fish, either. It's bad for both of them, especially with all the mercury these days. their little bodies can't handle it.

    It's an okay treat once in awhile, but I'd never suggest to feed it on a regular basis.

    Also, from here, she explains best and sums it up nicely:

    "Fish can be a factor in urinary tract issues for some cats, for a couple reasons. One is that fish can be a source of allergies and inflammation, including of the bladder and urinary tract, due to the presence of histamine. Another reason is that the minerals in fish are more easily converted into struvite crystals, which can irritate the bladder and cause cystitis."

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    I heard it is not good to give male cats cat food that contains fish. Is this true?

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    Cats in general really shouldn't be eating a whole lot of fish, but if your cat isn't allergic, fish as an occasional treat isn't a big deal.

    The best food for a cat is WET food which is made from chicken or turkey, and which does not contain any grains such as wheat, rice, or corn.

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    Cats really shouldn't eat fish. It's not a good protein source for them. From what I've heard, fish has high levels of magnesium which can cause kidney stones in cats. Fancy Feast is a pretty low quaility pet food. It probably has real fish in it, however. The label should tell you.

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    Somewhat true - male cats tend to have more UTI problems when fed a high amount of fish based foods. Its not really good to give fish food more then once a week. We do not feed any of our cats fish based foods in either cannned or dry. They get mainly chicken, beef, lamb, venison cat food.

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    i guess it is not true because cat eat fish...all type of cat i suppose...not only male but also female..i suggest that you should meet vet for any doubt because vet not only treat animal but they give talk to about animal on how to take care of them and others..

    okay,good luck

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    Ooooohhhhhh I hope not, I just fed my boy, cat food that has fish in !!!!!

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