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Anonymous asked in TravelGermanyOther - Germany · 1 decade ago

what is there to do in hamburg,germany?

me and my bestfrend are going to hamburg germany in either june or july of 2011..what is there to do??? anything adventorus, or not usually thought of, or any good sites? or any festivals or unique things going on?? it would help a ton!:))) thank you!

ps or if you knwo where u can get good cheap airfare:) no worries about hotel, were staying with a friend of ours from germany that lives there.


i actually do not know the person, the friend im going with does.. and we were just trying to figure some things out ahead of time.. and im up for anything and everything really. anything outdoors, i like shopping and seeing historic sights but im still a teenager i love teenager things, like clubs and more young involved activities i guess.. haha.. but seriously anything adventourous, like skydiving, etc u get my drift! please by all means just name anything you enjoyed doing there or have heard about and even that would help:) thanks again

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    You should add some of your personal interests as a starting I ll add the site of Hamburg Tourism

    BTW why not ask the friend you are going to stay with he will probably be the bets person since he knows you and your interests and the city.

    Best airfares are always with the airlines directly check out several and ask for special offers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it is boring there - I normally open the window and start wa nking

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