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Attempting to finish a tax take-home there something out there to help me?


I'm taking a free course through Liberty Tax and I have a small take-home test. I asked to do it for extra experience, but I want to make sure I do a decent job. I finished a 10 week course and I am going back for a rapid class in Jan., just to reinforce what I learned.

What I have noticed is that I usually do 85% of the problem correctly, but I miss one teeny little thing which throws all of my numbers off...or I miss one of the several forms, and obviously that throws me off too. My teacher says I am doing well, but I just want to do this properly.

Is there a program out there that can kind of guide me? You know..just fill me in on what forms to use or something? I don't want answers, I still want to do the problem on my own so that I learn. I just want something to help me reinforce remembering certain rules/forms. The more I do it, the better I get and the less I need help, per se.

Thanks all

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    Have you thought of going to the website and using the search box for 1040 and choose the instructions and got to page 11 Where To Report Certain Items From 2009 Forms W-2, 1098, and 1099

    If any federal income tax withheld is shown on these forms, include the tax withheld on Form 1040, line 61. If you itemize your deductions and any

    state or local income tax withheld is shown on these forms, include the tax withheld on Schedule A, line 5, unless you elect to deduct state and local

    general sales taxes.

    Or use the search box for link and learn taxes

    Link & Learn Taxes

    Linking volunteers to quality e-learning solutions

    Link & Learn Taxes, linking volunteers to quality e-learning solutions, is the web-based program providing seven courses: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Military, International, Puerto Rico and Foreign Student, along with a refresher course for returning volunteers. This training prepares SPEC partners and volunteers to provide quality tax return preparation services in their local communities. This fun, interactive course teaches the basics to accurately prepare income tax returns for individuals AND users can obtain volunteer certification along the way at their own pace!

    Students will make their way through lessons that include tax topics, case studies, and interview simulations. Link & Learn Taxes uses pop-up windows to connect to forms, publications and other resource materials.

    More knowledgeable students can use the course as a refresher. Link & Learn Taxes presents tax law through a variety of adult learning strategies including graphics, real world scenarios, and interview practice. Users can review the tax law material, listen to mock interviews, and complete sample tax return preparation scenarios.

    There are seven modules to the current application

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    sure the 1040 instruction booklet

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