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Are Smith Machine Deadlifts safe and effective?

The gym I go to doesn't have barbells so can i do them with the smith machine. I can do them with dumbells but it feels too much like a squat. I keep hearing mixed opinions on whether they work and if they can cause injury.

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    deadlift is a leg exercise while some people do for back.I do both dumbbell deadlift and barbell deadlift.Personally i love both.I feel dumbbells more since my form is very steady and good with dumbbells and i go heavy on dumbbells 150lbs/hand for reps for barbells 405lbs for reps.Yes smith machine deadlifts are safe and effective make sure you use more legs than back.

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    this is not me.Just a video to show you.

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    Smith Machine Deadlift

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    Yes you most certainly can, they can be very effective if you do it correctly, ask one of the trainers at your gym if you don't know how to. It's all on how you do it.

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