Internet connection problems, Windows 7?

I have a Windows 7 Studio XPS and yesterday I tried going on Google Chrome and it said all webpages (except for Google) were unavailable, even though I was connected to the internet. It said Error Message 102 etc etc. I had the same problem with Internet Explorer. The Troubleshooter said that it was an unsecure IP address, but I went through the steps fixing that and I still have the same problem. What should I do?

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    9 years ago
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    Could be your ISP is having issues, which used to happen to me a lot. Windows 7 has a connection help box that shows where in the line there is a problem. If you check and are sure you are connected, a virus is very likely, many viruses pretend to be the system giving an error. Run a thorough virus scan with a good program (I use Kaspersky, though it is expensive). Just a few things to try. I hope this helps!

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  • 3 years ago

    something might desire to be interfering with the frequency of your router. attempt adjusting the frequency your router is broadcasting at. additionally call your ISP and notice no count if that is not any longer the modem or their node is dropping your connection.

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