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What are the title's of song tracks used in movie "Twelve" 2010?

Hi, I want to know all the song track names used in movie Twelve 2010

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    Here you go:

    Tone Kapone a.k.a Tony Jones - Flooded Waters

    Ducheas Says - Black Flag (The Juan Maclean Version)

    Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress

    Toby Record and Ashley Witt - Twins

    Darondo - Legs

    Cheeseburger - Easy Street

    Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You

    Bad Medicine - Trespasser

    Courtesy of Extreme Music - Tumse Pyaar Heh

    Nathan Larson and Kevin March - Sneakin

    Spank Rock - Bump (Remix)

    Passion Pit - Better Things

    Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)

    The Shoes - Knock Out (80 Kids Remix)

    The Phenomenal Handicap Band - 15 to 20

    Julian Plenti - Only If You Run

    Source(s): A YouTube Soundtrack trailer for Twelve listed all the songs available on the soundtrack.
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    Twelve The Movie

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    Twelve 2010

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