Do you think he likes me? What are some signs?

Okay so this guy is in my Biology class. Were both freshman and he was new this year. We just started talking like a month ago. He started talking to me on facebook (just a few minutes ago) and he asked me for my number. Also, in class when were standing and watching are teacher do an expierment in the back of the room he stands closs to me. He always playfully teases me. Hes really nice and funny. Do you think he could like me? What are signs that he does?

BTW he is single. And I havent really seen him talk to any girls. And he was talking about dances and he said he would dance with anyone and he said he would dance with me. And im 14 and hes 15 were both freshman.

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    Wow that sounds like twilight, and also my life.

    He sounds like a nice decent guy. If he's not takling to any other girls and he's focussing his attentions on you, then I'm quite certain that he does like you.

    It sounds like you knew the answer to this already!! You just have to try and see it from a third person's perspective.

    1) You started chatting on facebook

    2) He likes to be near you

    3) He playfully teases you

    4) He's nice to you and tries to be funny

    5) you're both single

    6) he doesn't talk to any other girls

    7) he's been hinting about dances, and taking you to a dance

    Those are 7 signs, looks like you've spotted them well. I think the best thing for you to do now is to show that you're interested as well. Teenage guys respond best to contact so just brush his arm next time you talk to him. Laugh at his jokes. Try to use your body language to show that you like him too.

    Good luck to you (not that you're going to need it).

  • He is definately interested in you. Signs? You already mentioned them. He talks to You, but not other girls. He enjoys your company. He chats to You on facebook. AND he asked for your number.

    Keep talking to him so he doesn't lose interest in you. And do flirt with him a little to hint that you like him too.

    But if you don't, then avoid him.

    Good luck.

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    Perhaps he just has a flirty personality. I flirt with everyone, even girls I'm honestly repulsed by. If you do like him, try flirting back and see where it takes you. Don't be afraid to just go and flat out tell him you like him. You'd be showing some initiative, and he'd probably like that. If it doesn't turn out okay, it's all well and good, just continue being his friend. It's nice to know someone will always be faithful because they like you, even if you aren't together.

    Source(s): I'm alot like this guy. ;o
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    Sounds like he likes you and thats sweet. Why don't you ask him what his intentions are. The problem is that we lack communication.

    I work for a high school so I see young love everyday. How do you feel about him? Maybe you should tell him how you feel and see what happens?

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    i think he really likes you. Everything you said in the paragraph screams he likes you. asking for your number, standing close to you ect. a bonus is the sence of humour you get from him. there is nothing worse then someone without a scence of humour, someone to make you laugh.

    i hope that helped :-)

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    specific, those are all signs and indications that he likes you. He gave you quite much each and every sign lol. Teasing you, guffawing with you, asking you on your style and liking to be around you. Why do no longer you pass ask him out in case you quite like him? i'm effective he will say specific. :)

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    It's obvious! Usually people post stuff like this and make themselves sound vain, like they're only writing the good things about both of them and know they will only get positive answers; basically fishing for compliments.

    But this is different. I think he really likes you, so if he doesn't make a move soon, go for it! I really hope it works out well for you :)


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    Yes, he is interested. That doesn't mean that he 'likes' you. It means he wants to move forward with you.

    You seem nice and sweet. Please do not have sex with him. Wait until marriage. However do have a good time and don't forget that your friends love you too. Ask your mother or mother like figure in your life. You'll fine they have been there and can help you! :-)

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    its posible, this might be the beginning of a crush for him, but he could just be asking for your number and teasing him because she wants to be really good friends, cause thats what you do as a really good friend.

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    yaa he likes u, but b sure he is in true relationship not only behind physical relationship.

    Well best of luck for ur future

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