For those of you taking AP Calculus BC?

What topics are you currently learning?

Are you still covering AB topics?

Are/Did you cover sequences?

How long ago did you finish improper integrals?

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    9 years ago
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    I took AP calc last year and as far as I can remember around this time of year we were on applications of derivatives (more real world problems). I think AP calc BC students don't learn a whole lot more than AB students (at least that is how it is in my school). AB students learn differentiation/integration ect they just don't go into as much detail and are slightly slower pace. But my school might just have a 'harder' AB curric since a lot of the AB kids last year took the BC exam and did well even though they didn't take BC calc.

    For me sequences and series was the very last thing we covered. We did it after applications of integrals and I remember it being a very long unit that I hated. But it was useful, there were like 2-3 questions of sequences and series on the AP calc BC FRQ section of the AP exam (Yuck!) but it wasn't too bad.

    So I finished improper integrals 9 months ago but I know that isn't what you mean :D. Hm.. I think we were done with that stuff around jan. I remember integration being a much faster unit because after you learn how to derive then you just have a better understanding of calc and all that jazz.

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    this relies upon on what you're taking AP courses. while you're taking them merely for college credit, then look at it including your important in strategies. while you're taking a math-suitable important, then I strongly advise BC, yet once you're no longer, then AB will suffice. while you're taking AP courses to look surprising on your college utility, and are in a position to do nicely in BC, then by employing all potential, take it! i'm additionally a junior in an identical difficulty. I took Precalculus Honors this summer time with the intentions of taking AP Calc BC for the time of the college year. despite the fact that I did receive a one hundred the two semesters in precalc, I felt unprepared for BC by using lack of ability of guidance in my Precalc direction, so i finished up taking AB as a replace. This replaced right into a large mistake. I attend the style one extreme college in my state in terms of rigor and academic success, the place AP training are quite a few situations tougher than the quite examination, or perhaps there, i think like AB is a waste of my time. The direction is extremely uncomplicated and to that end a techniques, my ordinary interior the classification is over one hundred. For paintings-load comparisons, i'm taking AP English Language, AP US historical past, AP Physics B, Spanish 4 Honors and orchestra this year and competing interior the college branch of coverage debate (This has the workload of approximately 2 AP training). do no longer merely no longer take a direction on the grounds which you're too lazy for it! observing the persons i pass to college with (even the ranked fifteenth-twentieth each and every person is going to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton) has made me understand what share extremely sensible and proficient pupils there are accessible. human beings say that one must be nicely rounded, which I thoroughly trust, yet we additionally should bear in mind that being nicely rounded isn't on an identical time unique with being academically effectual. There at the instant are further and extra pupils taking 12-14 AP courses throughout their extreme college careers, getting 2350+ on the SAT, being interior the surprising music team of their colleges and enjoying in prestigious, private music communities, interning, being the president of quite a few golf equipment, enjoying a varsity game, AND volunteering over 3 hundred hours.

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