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What is your strategy play Slot machine in Casino: Tips?

Please tell me what good strategy to win jackpot or good money to play slots machine in casino, please give me a tips, thanks

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    First of all slots is a game of no need of a hard and particular strategy to win in the game.

    So just pull the handle and wait for the result....

    Still there are some points to be considered in slots games that can help you to play good here is the list of points

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      just play - you need luck
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    Best Slot Machine Strategy

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    As already stated, the best way to not lose money on the slots is to not feed them. But you gotta take your chances and have a little fun right? The slots are rigged to pay out a certain percentage and of course, the house is always on the winning end of that. I'm not sure what type of slots you have in America but here in Australia, if you have a little win of say $5 then you get the chance to go 'double or nothing' on that win by choosing whether the next card is red (heart or diamond) or black (spade or club). This 'double or nothing' feature is actually the best odds you will get in the entire casino. The odds are 50/50, even though it doesnt seem like it at times. Other games like roulette where you choose red or black is actually not 50/50 odds because there are a couple green slots which tips the odds slightly in favour of the house. Good luck Penny and bet with your head, not over it.

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    Find hot machines. I usually sit and roll 10 times before deciding if I should stay or find another machine. there is really no strat to winning a jackpot, but I do seem to make money most of the times from slot by finding hot machines. Another suggestion is find a machine that people played and lost money at. It seems like winning and losing on machine is on cycles.

    According to my resources, slot machines usually have around 3% benefit to the casino, meaning if you play $1000 with smallest bet, you should get back $970.

    Good luck, really you need to beat out that 3%.

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    Your best strategy is to stay the hell away from slot machines,there all a set up and it takes thousands of dollars to trigger a big pay out.If you do win big you will already have lost alot more than you win.If you want to win big money in a casino then learn to play a solid game of Blackjack and don't bet over your means.

  • i played one time 60$ and won 280$ on midnight diamonds slot machine. Then i played 50$ won 140$ on Patrick swayze slot machine. In Atlantic City. Depends which machines are lucky or not YOU need to choose the machine.

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    1) Luck-based RNG (random number generator) games. No tips will ever help.

    2) Main revenue source of casinos. No tips will ever help.

    3) Payback ratio of no more than 98% which means you have the ability to win an average 98 cents on every dollar at max. Walk away.

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    you can visit ,gaming guides , casino games and their online casino news and updates, There you can read about the strategy and tips in playing slot machine in casino.

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    Not really any strategy to winning slots. Just make sure you bet within your limit and make sure your having fun.

    Practice Slots on Use P155CB20 (zero on end ) as the referral code when you sign up. Peace.

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