why did people listen to joan of arc?

im sorry, im not trying to offend anyone here.. but why did the king listen to joan of arc? how did an army of men let a woman lead? listen to a woman?? its just very surprising

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    When Joan of Arc first met Charles VII she had a private meeting with him were she apparently told him a secret that that was between him and God alone. From that point on Charles VII believed that she had been sent to him by God and gave her his approval. As for the men in the army many had heard of a prophecy that France would be ruined by a women and then saved by a young maid from the region of Lorraine. Joan's claim that she had been sent by God to save France was consistent with the prophecy so many of the men in the army believed that she was a saint and after her great victories just about everyone believed this to be the case.

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    It is indeed surprising and was then. We're talking about the Middle Ages here, when women were totally subjugated in European society unless they were wealthy and from powerful families, and even then.

    But Joan gave them what they needed at the time: a symbol. She really believed she was chosen by God to free France from English domination, and she was a catalyst around which the movement could form. The very fact that she was a young, innocent girl gave that movement a reputation for "purity" that it would not otherwise have had. She must have had a very charismatic and attractive personality. Yes, both sides used her and in the end when her usefulness was over and she became a problem, she was accused of heresy, dropped by her previous supporters, and murdered with a horrible painful death at the stake. Later, in the 19th century, when France was again the scene of religious and social unrest, Joan became again a symbol of national pride to rally behind, as she was presented for canonisation.

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    Times were much more focused on God and spirituality than they are now. Considering she heard God speaking to her, once verified by a priest, it would make sense they would actually hear her out.

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