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Can someone give me a crime novel title that hasnt been takin already?

i need a crime novel title and fast before my brain and heart change there mind i wanna make it but my brain and heart get bored of talking about doing it and never end up doing it so i need one fast and make sure that its not already in use please


its a book composed of a bunch of different crimes that they investigate and solve (it would also be nice to have some names for 4 main character, a forensic scientist, medical examiner (assisntant medical examiner), the first dead guys name and how he dies, and a director of the department (and a name for the investigation department

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    Kate (Kathryn) Ann Ambrose

    Drew Alisha Bennett

    Sally Shea Murchison

    Debra Anne Dunn

    Cody Elizabeth Richards

    Imogene Gianne Frank

    Erin Loise Hann

    Mary Margaret O' Leary

    Susan Fay Wren

    Domenic Ria Grinalda

    India Charlotte Hall


    Aaron Richard Jagger,

    Cody Vincent Bennett,

    Andy (Andrew) Tumma Grey

    Daniel Warren Solly

    Frances John Elliott

    Ivan Zane Mcneil

    Alexander Michael Donnelly

    Richard Lee Bartholomew


    DUC = Department of Unsolved Crime

    CETF = Combined Emergency Task Force


    Torture - Sex. Information, Pleasure, War.

    Stabbing - with intent, accident, self inflicted, sex game gone wrong, self defence, War,

    Strangulation- elimination, self inflicted, accident, sex game.

    Bashing - Punishment, Revenge, Boredom.


    It's Raining Death

    The World And All It's Charm


    Four Too Many


    Misery Come In Fours

    The Thing People Do

    Hope that helps not sure how many Female h/m Male, Where the murders are committed, the environment, etc.

    Hope it helps.

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    Use the name of your detective(s). It sounds like, however, you aren't ready to name it yet. The title is decidedly not important before you've written the actual text; if you ever get it published, the publisher usually changes the name anyway.

    In any case, if the whole book is written like that, it doesn't seem like it's worth naming. Please have respect for the people who are trying to make sense out of that ridiculous run-on sentence!

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